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Practice Makes Perfect 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Lydia Denworth considers a recent study of proficiency in perfidy. Here’s the gist; more at the link:

Once we start lying, the extent of our dishonesty increases over time. And when that happens, our brain begins to tamp down its emotional response to our own immoral behavior, signaling in effect that lying is no big deal. That makes it easier to lie again … and again . . . and again. (Perhaps that explains some of what happened on the campaign trail this year.)

Goldman’s Sacks 0

Via Raw Story.

All the News that Fits 0

The Trouble with Education 0

This pretty much sums up what’s wrong with public schools. It’s not the schools, it’s Republican-controlled governments that do not believe in the public good.

My daughter is a high school teacher. She (we . . . I) bought those supplies so she could give them to her students, who cannot afford them.

After we stuffed her basket with folders and paper for her students, she started looking at office supplies like staplers and paper clips. “Doesn’t your school give you those for your classroom?” I asked innocently. “No,” she replied, literally shaking her head.

The night before her first day of school, she received an email stating that the school is no longer able to supply ink for her classroom printer. So now she must purchase that as well.

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You Too Can Be on Television! 0

At Science 2.0, Edzard Ernst explains how to become a charlatan.

Healthy Discussion 0

Man wears

Via Juanita Jean.

The Courage of Their Carryings-On 0

Get out of Jail free cardPlaintiffs leading a lawsuit against online dating website Ashley Madison over a security breach that exposed the personal data of customers must publicly identify themselves to proceed with the case, a US judge has ruled.

Forty-two plaintiffs, seeking to represent users of the website who had their information compromised, had proceeded anonymously against Ashley Madison’s Toronto-based parent company Avid Life Media, the ruling released on 6 April showed.

I really can’t find it in me to have much sympathy for the plaintiffs.

Really, the chutzpah just leaves me sputtering.

How Stuff Works, Bundy Bund Dept. 0

Waitress:  So why are you occupying a Fed'ral facility?  Cowboy:  T' force the guvmint's hand!  Waitress:  To force the governmint's hand to do what?  Cowboy:  Overreach of authority to take what the Almight ordained belonged to us!  Bystander:  I'm lost here.  Waitress:  He doesn't want to pay taxes.  Cowbow:  You make it sound a lot less noble when you summarize it.

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Update, after This Was Drafted*:

Bundy Bund bundled.

It appears that the Feds were using an enforcement technique known as “Give ‘Em Enough Rope . . . .”


*You didn’t think I do all this in real time, did you?

I write a bunch of stuff, then I go off and do other stuff. Then I write stuff. It’s the Great Cycle of Drivel.

Decoding de Code 0

One more time: A complaint about “political correctness” means “I want license to be nasty without penalty.”

All That Was Old Is New Again 0

“Forced busing.”

When I was a young ‘un, back in the olden days, I was forced bused.

I was forced bused right past the black high school to the white high school farther down the road. This clown no doubt would have thought that that was the bee’s knees and the cat’s meow.

The Laws Belay 0

Couple looking at sign saying

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“Who’s Sorry Now?” 0

Hardly anyone, it seems.

Stray Question 0

Will there come a time when persons who have carnal thoughts be willing to admit that their thoughts are their thoughts, and not some phenomenon foisted upon them by outside agency?

Really, now, if you have a dirty mind, own up to it, take pride in it, revel in it, and, for Pete’s sake, stop blaming others for your carnal thoughts.

They are your thoughts and no one else’s.

Full disclosure:

I have nothing against dirty minds. Mine’s as dirty as they come.

I do have lots of things against hypocrites and Miss (and Mr.) Grundys.

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The New Crusaders 0

Giles Frazier writes of England, but his words apply throughout (to use an old term) Christendom.

For years our politicians have piggy-backed upon Christian morality for electoral advantage. We should “feel proud that this is a Christian country”, said Cameron earlier this year (pre-election, of course), in what some might uncharitably see as a call to maintain a Muslim-free view from his Cotswold village. But there is no respectable Christian argument for fortress Europe, surrounded by a new iron curtain of razor wire to keep poor, dark-skinned people out.

More at the link.

Intolerance: Yet Another Republican Family Value 0

The Bangor Daily News spotlights the hypocrisy of those who would unleash the hate-full in the name of tolerance. A snippet:

Oddly, Mike Lee, R-Utah, frequently uses the word “tolerance” when talking about the bill he sponsored.

“Our country,” he told NPR in a recent interview, “was founded on a proud tradition of religious freedom and tolerance.”

That freedom, however, meant that Americans were free from a state-established religion. As a result, no one religious view is favored over another, nor should one be forced upon citizens with different beliefs.

Worse, tolerance, in Lee’s view, only goes in one direction. Religious institutions, including colleges and universities that receive federal funding, should be allowed to refuse to hire those who don’t follow their beliefs. Those institutions, however, don’t have to tolerate those whose beliefs and lifestyles don’t conform to their world view.

Read the rest.

Still Traitors after All These Years 2

From Facing South (full article at the link):

One claim that’s been circulating among Confederate apologists in recent weeks would have us believe that Congress passed a law in 1958 giving Confederate veterans status under law equal to U.S. veterans.


But in fact, the law does not do what Confederate apologists say it does. It certainly does not “pardon” Confederate veterans, nor does not generally give them status “equal to” U.S. veterans.

It’s ironic that the same folks who decry the evul fedrul guvmint would claim its sanction.

Only in It for the Money 0

Render unto Caesa–oh, wait.

Walkering in a World of Dreams 0

James E. Causey marvels at Scott Walker’s fantasy world, a world in which persons born on third base convince themselves that they have hit triples. A snippet:

Many people are born into circumstances that place them behind the 8-ball from the start. Generational poverty. Poor public school systems. Unsafe neighborhoods. Crime, violence and trauma. Throw systemic racism and segregation into the pot, and it’s a recipe for hard times.

Walker did not mention this during his campaign sermon.

In Walker’s world, opportunities abound if people just work hard enough.

What a fantasy.

More at the link.

The Golden Rule 4

Those who have the gold make the rules.

A San Francisco Catholic church has reportedly installed a “watering system” that discourages homeless people by drenching them as they sleep.

KCBS reported that the “no trespassing” signs outside the primary church for Archdiocese of San Francisco, Saint Mary’s Cathedral, did not mention what would happen to the homeless who tried to sleep under the cover of the building’s doorway.

Words fail me.

The Privileges of Rank 0

Dick Polman, citing Aldous Huxley, points out that “some animals are more equal than others.”

Get out of JailImagine, for the sake of argument, that you or I had a sensitive government job. If you or I were brazen enough to lie to the FBI – if we told the feds, for instance, that we hadn’t shared highly classified material with unauthorized people when in truth we had done it – we’d surely be ticketed for jail. Because lying to the FBI, and sharing highly classified material with unauthorized people, are big-time felonies.

But if you’re David Petraeus – former Army general and bipartisan demigod – and you’ve done those very things, you get a slap on the wrist and a punched ticket to rehabilitation. This is manifestly unfair to the people who have been prosecuted and jailed by the Obama administration for doing arguably less than what Petraeus did, but, hey, Orwell covered that ground in his farm fable 70 years ago.

It doesn’t get much ranker than this, now, does it?