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My Little Gas Price Survey, 9/26/2005 1

Prices seem fairly stable still. We will see what happens in the next few days.

Penny Hill, Del., BP, $2.87.

Penny Hill, Del., Exxon, $2.79.

Penny Hill, Del., Getty, $2.83.

Holly Oak, Del., Mobil, $2.83.

Claymont, Del., Exxon, Sunoco, and Getty, $2.77.

Claymont, Del., Gulf (Cumberland Farms), $2.74.

Claymont, Del., BP, $2.79.

Claymont, Del., Gulf, $2.84.

Claymont, Del., Wawa, $2.74.

Paulsboro, NJ, BP, $2.99

Paulsboro, NJ, Exxon (TA Truck Stop) $2.97


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  1. Opie

    September 27, 2005 at 7:23 am

    This is a weird week for gas prices in our town. Usually the discount gas stations not affiliated with the big oil companies stay within a very tight range of each other, maybe 2 cents a gallon from the cheapest to the highest. Yesterday there was a full ten cent spread… from $2.72 at one station to 2.82 at another, and several in between.