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Recreation in Iraq 0

A rather horrifying little news story in The Register. I haven’t followed the link in the story yet (I’m at work), but the Register, for all their sarky, cheeky attitude, doesn’t make too many mistakes. Here’s what they report:

When you’re not getting shelled or shot at, war can get deadly dull. Fortunately, America’s gals in uniform overseas appear to be having a rollicking good time, and no doubt enjoying numerous material perks as a result of being in short supply and high demand, and naked.

The evidence is visible at now that’s f**ked up, an online trading post for amateur porn and grotesque gore pics from the front lines of freedom in Iraq. It’s got everything, from soldiers posting photographed sessions with partners in country, or their girlfriends and wives back home, to the most appalling shots of what war looks like when the fragile human body confronts the power of mass, mechanized destruction.

My newly-wed son is over there. Sheesh.


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