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Wolfie Didn’t Listen (and That Surprises Me How?) 0

From Steve Clemons, quoting Pat Lang:

“I remember talking to [Paul] Wolfowitz, in his office, in the Pentagon, and telling him — this was after the propaganda build up had started, before the war. I said, ‘You know, these guys are not going to welcome you.’

“He said, ‘Why?’ I said, ‘For one thing, these guys detest foreigners, and the few who really like you are the least representative of the various breeds of people there. They’re going to fight you, then, if you occupy the place there’s going to be a massive insurgency.'”

“He said, ‘No, no, they’ll be glad to see us,'” Lang continued. “This will start the process of revolution around the Middle East that will transform everything.’

No, Lang told Wolfowitz, “that’s not gonna happen. It’s just an impossibility. They’re not like that. They don’t want to be us.”

You know, Wolfie and his co-conspirators just wanted a war, at any cost, and therefore turned a blind eye to any evidence, however credible, that their NeoCon wetdreams were nothing more than teenage American concentration camp fantasies.

Which, of course, they have turned out to be.

Better they should get off on porno, rather than on death.

At least that way they would not have hurt so many innocent persons.

May they come to cry, with Lady MacBeth, “Out, out, damned spot!”

But they won’t. They have not the humanity to recognize the import of their deeds.


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