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Round Up 0

I was cruising around the blogosphere earlier tonight, too tired to do anything creative, until someone re-energized me.

There were many good posts that I did not have the energy to blog about.

So I will take the coward’s way out and just link:

Dick Polman compiling the evidence (that’s evidence, not opinion) on Bush’s lies leading us into a phony war.

Duncan on NeoCons (that does mean convicts who have just escaped, does it not?)

Dan Froomkin on Bush’s Torquemadas.

Tbogg on sociopathy.

An email to Andrew Sullivan on the in(s)anity of William Kristol. (Aside: Given the Mr. Kristol’s batting average of .000 of predicting the future, why the hell does anyone listen to him any more?)

Digby on human nature, brutality, and the Current Federal Administrator.

Phil Hoskins on Family Values.

Upyernoz on the Fighting 101st.

Susie on Republican panty sniffers.

Jason on the Hand of God.

Jon Swift (by heavens, he’s one of the best writers on the innertubes!) on the inimical influence of the Harry Potter stories.

Brendan on impeachment.

Phillybits on Phillybusters.


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