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Why I’m Glad I No Longer Live in Pennsylvania 2

Because it’s a really messed up state commonwealth:

Mary Jo Pletz was really, really good at eBay. But now the former stay-at-home mom and gonzo Internet retailer fears a maximum $10 million fine for selling 10,000 toys, antiques, videos, sports memorabilia, books, tools and infant clothes on eBay without an auctioneer’s license.

An official from the Department of State knocked on Pletz’s white-brick ranch here north of Allentown in late December 2006 and said her Internet business, D&J Virtual Consignment, was being investigated for violating state laws.

“I was dumbfounded,” said Pletz, who led the dark-suited investigator to a side patio area where he grilled her. “I told him I would just shut down,” she said.

The Pletz case has unleashed a political storm in Harrisburg over what – if anything – should be done about regulating Internet auctions in Pennsylvania.

Words fail me.

Ebay is certainly not an auction house as contemplated by the law of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Of course, it’s the same state commonwealth where the lawmakers are quite happy voting themselves a huge raise in the dead of night.



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