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Why I’m Sorry that My Local CompUSA Is Closing 1

’cause Best Buy doesn’t have a clue.

I’ve already told my washing machine story.

This beats it:

I walked into a Best Buy the other day. We are seeking some price discounts on thumb drives…our K4K kids will need them soon and we need to purchase them in bulk. Just price shopping, but as always, my Linux Hat is on and I usually do not pass an opportunity to spread the word. Even to folks who have obviously heard of Linux or maybe have even tried it on occasion.

Like a member of the Geek Squad (obligatory *tm inserted to please our attorney.)

It did not raise a flicker within the eye of awareness. Not a word I said.

This “Computer professional”…this “Knower-Of-All-Things-Computer”.

He did not have a clue. Not a clue.

I had no choice. I spent the next ten minutes educating him…telling him about the technology and the advantages of the GNU/Linux Operating System. His first response almost took my breath.

“That is not possible. Microsoft would not allow it.”

Follow the link. Read the whole post.

(Especially you, Opie. He uses a Ubuntu live CD with Beryl to make his point.)

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  1. Opie

    January 29, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    Yeah, I’ve already read it… think I picked it up on

    I like Linux, I like Ubuntu, and I like open source software. But I can’t see myself ever being the type that will walk around with live CDs and a canned demo speech.

    (Actually, I do carry a couple live CDs and a live Ubuntu USB hard drive in my laptop bag, but not for purposes of giving speeches in big box stores.)