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Lamer Banks 0

I logged into my bank tonight and was informed that it wants me to use a new browser.

Wachovia FAIL

What a list.

Internet Explorer, which has never met a back door it didn’t leave open; Safari, the walled-garden Mac thingee that rivals IE for security; Firefox, which is okay except for the clunkiness; and AOL (there’s still an AOL browser?).

Since I use the current version of one of the most consistently secure browsers available, I must assume that they are promoting insecurity.

And that they wish to lose a customer.

(Yes, I would change banks over this. Not because of the browser. Because of the stupid.)


Browser upgrade, my anatomy.


I tried clicking the “Feedback” link at the website. It didn’t work in Opera or in (drumroll) Firefox.

Words fail me.


If you are a competent webdesigner, the browser doesn’t matter. What matters is what your website serves up to the browser.


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