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Electric Limbo 0

So you think electrical service is a no-brainer, huh? They build their dream house, then found out that it was in no-man’s land:

Stan Blackwell, director of distribution and design for Dominion (Power Company), said the company logged a work order to provide electricity to the home Feb. 16. It discovered and confirmed that the home was in Community Electric Co-op territory within 36 days of that date, he said.

From that point on, the onus was on Community Electric, Penn said.

The problem was discovered seven months ago. Neighbors indicate that they have been willing to provide the required easements from the git-go.

They’ve been living in an RV since June 1 (at which time they had expected to be in their new home).

Supposedly the power was to be turned on by today.

Your non-government bureaucrats at work.


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