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Wrong Way Corrigan, Delaware Edition 0

If I were fleeing the cops, the last place I would head for would the county office complex. Odds are, there are a fair amount of cops there. Then, again, if he had turned the other way, he would have been at the Air National Guard base, also not a good place for a malefactor.

He bailed out of the car and headed for the woods. The woods are bounded on one side by suburbs, on one side by a river, on one side by an industrial complex (where the local paper has its offices), and on one side by the airport.

He’s done got an orange jumpsuit in his future.

A county officer conducting speed enforcement in the area of Commons Boulevard and Reads Way spotted a silver Honda speeding about 9:49 a.m. and tried to catch up with it, Navarro said.

The driver tried to evade the officer by driving through the New Castle County Government Center’s parking lot and lost control of his car and hit two parked cars, Navarro said.


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