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Facebook Frolics (Updated) 0

Twisted coverage:

What the author leaves out is that Facebook doesn’t let anyone “friend” anyone else without permission.

What privacy rights and protections do teenagers have on the Internet? In a twist of authority, Facebook won’t let parents “friend” their teens or access their accounts unless kids give parents permission.

Follow the link to read the entire tirade, unless you’ve got something better to do, like get a root canal.

If parents can’t control the “off” switch on the device, their kids are already out of control, and phony phacebook phriendships won’t make a difference. Keyloggers, anyone?


This occurred to me as I drove to downtown Norfolk this evening:

If permission were not required, what kind of creeps could “friend” kids by claiming to be their parents?

There aren’t many creeps like that out there (despite the sensational press), but one is one too many.


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