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A Picture Is Worth . . . 0

Mary Schmich considers the positive side of cameras everywhere:

Shortly after my brother’s cancer flared up again, after a long time in hiding, I started texting him photos from my phone.

A Chicago sunset. Light rippling on the morning lake. The skyline swaggering. Wrigley Field on opening day.


I don’t spell any of that out with the photos I send. All I type is an explanatory word or two, caption-style, and he usually texts me back something equally pithy, like “Pretty” or “I needed that.”

I had not thought about it in any depth, but I find myself doing the same thing. If it’s kittens or bunnies or funny license plates, they go to Susan; if it’s anything Virginia Tech, to my brother; and so on. (I used to send them to Facebook, but I decided a long time ago that Zuckerberg knows too much about me already and I was going to stop feeding his databases.)

It is an almost effortless, even lazy (in my case) way to stay in touch while keeping a personal touch.


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