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At Wednesday’s DL, we naturally discussed the Santa Barbara shooter and his strange manipulative belief that he was entitled to sex with any and every woman just because he wanted it.

The women who were present at our gathering told scary stories from their own experiences. The bit that took me most aback was their agreeing that they do not wear skirts when they go out to clubs with their significant others; too often they have walked across the floor to a table or the restroom only to have strange men stick hands up their skirts just because the men felt entitled to feel up any woman within reach.

If you wonder whether “rape culture” is a real thing, think about that for a moment.

Gina Barreca comments:

Every girl remembers the first time she was degraded sexually in public. It is not, as the movies would have us believe, a wonderfully cheerful moment of sensual awakening and blossoming womanhood.

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