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“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Let’s go varmint shootin’!

According to police, a 61-year-old woman was shooting a groundhog in her backyard, which borders the Smithsburg Lions Community Park.

The woman missed and the bullet ricocheted across the water and struck a 28-year-old man who was fishing.

By golly, she gots herself a varmint.


“Electabilty” 0

F. T. Rea observes, in the course of a longer post, that

The more I hear about “electability,” the more it seems to be something like beauty, because it appears to be a quality that lies in the eye of the beholder.

I have concluded that, when someone’s primary criticism of this or that candidate is that said candidate is “unelectable,” it indicates that he or she can find no other more weighty criticism to make.



Sojourner Truth:

Religion without humanity is very poor human stuff.


Accidental President Prescience 0



Messianic Complex 0

Bobby Azarian is taken aback that some evangelical “Christians” see Donald Trump as some sort of messiah sent to save their way of life. (Of course, if you watched the short clip from the 700 Club that I posted yesterday, you have seen that some indeed do feel that way, or are at least open to the idea.)

Here’s snippet from Azarian’s article:

The problem with Trump is that his desire to win and amass power is a priority above all else. He surely knows that most Muslims and most immigrants are not dangerous and want to see America prosper. But he quickly found out, through trying various strategies, that fear was effective as a political tool. When he learned that, he quickly chose to demonize innocent people and to promote false conspiracy theories like #PizzaGate . . . .

Of course, this only served to further strengthen evangelicals’ belief that he was their savior. What is most ironic about it all, but I suppose not entirely unexpected, is the fact that Trump’s behavior and positions are far more un-Christ-like than those of the average politician on either side of the aisle. The many infidelities, the lack of compassion for the less fortunate, the lewd comments, the blatant lying—the list of ‘ungodly’ acts is a long one. But because they believe he was an answer to their prayers, they are willing to excuse every bit of it.


Video Vandals 0

Shorter Dick Polman comments on the right-wing’s faked video of Nancy Pelosi (and the legion of other faked videos). A snippet:

Granted, fakery in politics isn’t new; nor are conservatives the sole offenders (there’s a theory among some addled lefties that Melania Trump has a body double, based on a manipulation of certain photos). But the current technologically-driven threat to democracy is decisively asymmetric. None of the Democratic presidential candidates spend their time re-tweeting fake videos; Trump may not have created this dangerously toxic climate, but as the commander-in-chief in the war on facts, he is predictably its prime abetter.


Flat Earth Flatulence 0

Joe Pierre was once interviewed by the Spanish newspaper El Pais Semanal about the apparent increase in flat earth flatulence from flat earther believers.

The interview was not published, so he has chosen to share the transcript at Psychology Today Blogs. It is worth your while, because the dynamic he discusses pervades dis coarse discourse; here’s bit:

It’s hard to know whether there are really more “flat earthers” today, but the internet certainly seems to have played a role in popularizing fringe beliefs like this one. Whereas typical in-person social discourse makes it difficult to maintain unconventional beliefs in the face of ridicule, anonymous online communication through social media and forums like Reddit and 4chan affords people easy access to like-minded individuals around the world who can rally around beliefs that most of us might find ridiculous. In addition, the internet business model based on monetization of “hits” has created an online environment in which headlines have become more sensationalized and objective news lies alongside, and has become conflated with, subjective opinion.


War and Mongers of War 0

One soldier to another:  As I understand it, Trump was behind in the polls, so we HAD to do something . . . so we're invading Iran.

Via Job’s Anger.


“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Scatter politeness at your house of worship.

Giovanni Dallas is now facing several charges in this latest case, including reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.

Court records show a small boy found Dallas’ gun under the bleachers in the gym at World Overcomers Church and picked it up, setting it off.

No one was hurt.

Investigators say Dallas also didn’t have a gun permit.


“Checks and Balances” 0

Will Bunch fears that the current federal administration has become unchecked and unbalanced.



Leo Durocher:

I made a game effort to argue but two things were against me: the umpires and the rules.


And Now for a Musical Interlude 0


Facebook Frolics 0

Professor of Communications Joseph B. Walther explores why persons continue to use Facebook despite the recent spate of revelations about the craven venality of its algorithmic manipulative tactics and porous “security” protection. A snippet (emphasis added):

I have been studying the social dynamics of the internet for 30 years, and I suspect what’s behind these apparent contradictions is something psychological. People know about Facebook’s problems, but each person assumes he or she is largely immune – even while imagining that everyone else is very susceptible to influence.


The psychological tendency at work here is called “the third person effect,” the belief that media don’t fool me, and maybe don’t fool you, but all those other people are sitting ducks for media effects.

Ironically, this dynamic can encourage people to support restrictions on media consumption – by others. If someone uses, say, a social media site and feels immune to its negative influences, it triggers another psychological phenomenon called the “influence of presumed influence.” When that happens, a person worries that everyone else falls victim, and supports efforts to protect others, even if they think they themselves don’t need the protection.

I commend the piece to your attention.


Plucking the Flock 0

(I thought of a better title than “Marketing Mammon.”)


Money Talks . . . 0

. . . and he answers.


The Neverending Sortie 0

Frame One:  American soldier in Afghanistan to his fellows:  Trust me, One day we'll leave this place.  Frame Two:  Same soldier, now in Iran, to his fellows:  Told ya.

Click for the original image.


“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Politeness takes practice.

On approaching the area of the report, sheriff’s deputies ended up finding themselves in the line of fire.

“The deputies actually had to take cover behind some logs,” Ryan said, uncertain if they were being deliberately targeted. The officers called out and eventually made contact with the group firing weapons, located about a mile east of the cemetery.

Turns out “several” people were target shooting from private property using high-powered rifles, Ryan said, and as of Saturday evening, authorities were still on the scene, investigating. A woman was sitting in the vehicle at the cemetery that was struck — in the hood — and Ryan noted that being Memorial Day weekend, more and more people may be going to cemeteries on Sunday and Monday.

Yet more evidence that “responsible gun owner” is not a thing.


Greens’ Fees 0



Peter Senge:

The further human society drifts away from nature, the less we understand interdependence.

(Missing attribution fixed.)


Plus ca Change 0

A map of the House of Representatives vote on the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote.

Vote:  Yes, 304; No, 89; Abstain, 30.  Voting no--most of the Congresspersons from the South and scattered patches in the North and Midwest.

Via PoliticalProf.