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2020-03-21: Given all the stuff that’s happening, it’s clearly going to take me longer to restore my boating website (the main thing I want to accomplish) than I had hoped, so I will unstick this post in a couple of days.

I’ve migrated to a new virtual private server and glitches happened. Follow my progress below the fold.

I started this almost 15 years ago to learn stuff. Well, I’m still learning, even when I don’t want to.

Update, 2020-01-28:

For various reasons, I’ve migrated my development machine from Slackware v. 14.2 to Mageia v. 7 (I have been using Mageia on various machines since v. 3 and have become quite fond of it). The primary reason is that Slackware v. 14.2 is getting long in the tooth, and my attempt(s) to migrate to Slackware–Current failed. Twice. So before I can move forward, I need to set up XAMMP on Mageia so I can edit my website files locally before moving them to my hosting provider.

And life goes on.

Update, 2019-12-16:
A Round Tuit
No progress.

Too much real life. But I’ll get a round tuit.

One of these days.

Update, 2019-11-22:

I’ve installed XAMPP on my local computer and will be working on restoring my boating website.

Update, 2019-11-14:

I set up a redirect so that, if someone goes to the old URL for the blog (, he or she will be sent to the current URL ( I kicked myself several times for forgetting about redirects.

I’m still working on the email forwarder. I thought I had it, but it got away.

Update, 2019-11-13:

My pictures are working correctly; I feared that my hosting provider’s site migration had not brought them over correctly, but it did. I checked. But the email forwarder isn’t working.

I’ve dumped my hosting provider’s email service, because they’ve moved to Microsoft Exchange, and I’m not going there, because Microsoft Lookout (and all its spawn) is a kludge. I have a couple of strategies in mind, and I’ll choose one tomorrow. Once the email is working, I will unstick this post.

Thanks for stickying along for the ride.

Update, 2019-11-12:

I am searching for the proper SQL command to fix the links to items, mostly photos, uploaded to various upload directories on the server. It will take a few days, because I must needs be careful. (I started doing this to learn stuff, and, I must say, learning at times can be wearying.)

Update, 2019-11-11:

It has been reported to me that persons are having issues viewing this site on Apple computers. If you have experienced such issues, please let me know. Don’t worry about any bounceback notices; I have a mail forwarder in place and should still receive messages via the forwarder.

My hosting provider has moved to using some Microsoft Lookout webmail thingee, and, dammit, I won’t use Lookout on a bet. Lookout is responsible for the vile plague of top-posting in emails and I refuse to be a party to it. Dealing with that is one more thing on my to-do list.

Update, 2019-11-09:

Woo-Hoo! I got my header image back. Don’t ask me how. In the dashboard, I clicked on Appearance–>Header–>Header Image and it was there in the pick list. (Grumble grumble changes since WP v. 1.5 grumble grumble.)

Update, 2019-11-07:

I have restored my previous theme in the absence of the picture of Pine View Farm, where I grew up, because I think it’s more readable than the alternative. I’ll worry about the picture later.

The redundant “From Pine View Farm” text below the Bennett Cerf quote is, I think, the alt text from the picture. Man, it’s been a long time since I mucked about in php and css.

Update: 2019-11-05:

I’ve restored the missing images to the sidebar. It’s going to take some digging through theme files to find out how to re-link to the banner photo of Pine View Farm where I grew up. In the meantime, I’m leaving the alternate theme in place.

I’ve still got the picture–it’s the link that’s disappeared. It’s been a long time since I messed with themes, but it’s slowly coming back to me.

There will be some missing images in some of the very old posts here, as at one time I had a separate images directory outside of WordPress; that directory did not make the journey Fixing that receives a low priority, as who reads old blog posts? I have all the images in multiple backups, but it will be a while before I mess with them.

Original Post:

I’ve changed the theme while I work out some issues with the migration that have affected my theme. I’ve identified the problem. Now I’m working on the solution so as to restore my own theme. In the meantime, WYSIWIG.

For more information about site maintenance and the move to the new VPS, see this post.


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