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Who needs jobs?

When Don Grillet lost his job in the mortgage industry in October, he went through many of the standard stages of unemployment.

There was the “whew, I need a break period.”

There was the “sitting looking at the television period,” in which he was too depressed and too worried to move.

Now Grillet, 30, is in the “omigod, my unemployment insurance runs out in two months phase.”

Today, the closely watched federal monthly jobs numbers will come out to let analysts and economists know what people like Grillet already know – it’s getting harder to find work, especially for people in financial services, a sector that has been shedding jobs for months as the extent of the subprime-mortgage crisis widens.


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  1. Opie

    March 7, 2008 at 5:21 pm

    The only time in my life I was ever laid off, I had a two week layoff notice and the first stage I remember going through was that four hours after we were given notice, I was pulling over at a pay phone because I’d thought of somewhere I could maybe find work. I don’t recall any "whew, I need a break period," but I guess the "sitting looking at the television" period must have been the whopping three days between when my old job ran out and when I started my new one.