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iJunked: The Gadgetification of Education 1

Der Spiegel:

Some of the ideas that may have occurred to Jobs are now on display in the Netherlands. Eleven “Steve Jobs schools” will open in August, with Amsterdam among the cities that will be hosting such a facility. Some 1,000 children aged four to 12 will attend the schools, without notebooks, books or backpacks. Each of them, however, will have his or her own iPad.

There will be no blackboards, chalk or classrooms, homeroom teachers, formal classes, lesson plans, seating charts, pens, teachers teaching from the front of the room, schedules, parent-teacher meetings, grades, recess bells, fixed school days and school vacations. If a child would rather play on his or her iPad instead of learning, it’ll be okay. And the children will choose what they wish to learn based on what they happen to be curious about.

The one certainty about this is sales of iJunk: twice the price for half as much.

The rest is a combination of wishful thinking and charlatanry, like sleep learning, “Baby Einstein,” and cyber schools.


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  1. George Smith

    June 30, 2013 at 1:53 pm

    Normally, the children will learn by calling up a learning app on their iPad — which will be turned into a sort of interactive, multimedia schoolbook — whenever they want. [Wow, Etch-aSketch on an iPad.]

    The program is more patient than any person ever could be and turns learning into a game-like experience, partly with the help of amusing noises and animations.
    Hoo-boy, that’s some odious stuff. Note that even in Deutschland, this is 1 percent corporate swill bought by their near servant class of haves. iJunk is not economically transformative in the hands of everyone in northwest Pasadena. It is, however, a very good deal for the grasping hand of Apple.