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Bubble-Boy 0

Steven M. floats a theory. Here’s the gist; follow the link for his reasoning.

Trump’s election seems to be what you get when we’re all allegedly in separate political bubbles — but he grew up in a mass-market era, and it seems as if he still believes he can persuade the masses that the wall is a swell idea. It may be that he usually doesn’t do outreach to the rest of us because his constant diet of Fox News persuades him that he is reaching out to the masses — in the America described by Fox . . . .

A quibble: I submit that we are all not “all in separate political bubbles.”

Rather, it’s the folks who choose to get all their news all the time from Fox News and its dupes, symps, and fellow travelers who have willingly en-bubbled themselves in Fox News’s nonsense nonsensical universe where up is down and down is–oh, never mind.


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