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Not So Scary Times 0

Robed women gradually fading into invisibility as they walk through a solid wall.

Via All Things Amazing, an image site (some images NSFW).


Scary Times 0

Title:  Ghastly Halloween Costumes.  Image One:  Person wearing white sheet labeled

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Fly the Fiendly Skies 0

One more reason I’m glad my days of flying all over the country to conduct training classes are behind me.


The Whitelash 0

Darcia F. Narvaez explores the human cost of what she refers to as “movement conservatism,” which is defined in detail in the opening of her article. She cites several specific examples from the research of Jonathan Metzl (citation at the link), arguing that the policies are rooted in racism, but ultimately rebounded to harm the white voters who supported them.

Metzl writes that he “repeatedly found examples of policies, politics, or products that claimed to restore white authority but silently delivered lethality” . . . .

Follow the link for very specific examples, and, as you do, remember the words of Lyndon Johnson.

(Broken link fixed.)


“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Yet another responsible gun owner discharges his responsibility, this time ending the life of an eight-year-old boy.

Authorities said the gun was registered to the shooter and is usually kept in a safe. But it was fired when he was unloading it an upstairs bedroom. It then went into a bed, through the floor and ceiling of the bathroom below where it struck the victim.

The man was taken to police headquarters and is cooperating, but officials said all witness statements confirmed that the shooting was an accident.

One must needs wonder how many more lives will be sacrificed as gun nuts play with their portable penises.


The Turning Point 0

Thom sees a disturbing but all too believable confluence of events.


All the News that Fits 0

Frame One:  Man watching televison says to wife,

Via Juanita Jean.


The Permeation 0

If you are unsure of what “systemic racism” means, this is a pretty good example.



Shannon Purser:

You never think about someone dressing up as you for Halloween.


Geeking Out 0

The Fluxbox window manager on Mageia v. 7. That’s gkrellm in the bottom right, xclock in the upper right, and the Fluxbox menu in the mid-left. The background is from my collection.

I do like me my right-click menu, as I can access the menu from any point on the screen.



A Little Child Shall Lead Them 0

Juanita Jean.


Q (& A) 0

The SPLC tries to unpack QAnon. Since an increasing number of persons seems to taking the bait, it’s a worthwhile and timely read. Here’s a bit, which points out that QAnon fits in a long tradition of hate, fear, bigotry, and lies.

The underpinnings of QAnon rely on Blood Libel, a centuries-old antisemitic trope that posits a secret cabal of Jews controls the world and traffics in children for their blood. QAnon believers claim that members of the cabal of Democratic officials and celebrities are trafficking children for their blood – specifically, a chemical within it (adrenochrome) that the cabal believes will extend their lives.

QAnon is, according to Genocide Watch’s Gregory Stanton, a rebranded “Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion,” perhaps the most influential antisemitic pamphlet of all time, written by Russian anti-Jewish propagandists around the turn of the twentieth century. The pamphlet was a collection of myths about a Jewish plot to take over the world and included a central Blood Libel mythology, which posited that Jews kidnapped and killed Christian children whose blood they would then mix into matzos.


The Last Leg 0

Title:  Campaign 2020:  The Final Leg.  Image:  Picture of Donald Trump standing on his

Image via Juanita Jean.


Chris-Crossed, But I’m an Influencer Dept. 0

It appears that ex-Governor Chris Christie has discovered that not everyone is who they seem to be on “social” media.

Methinks he shall vet his customers more carefully in the future.


The Haunting 0

Frankenstein's Monster, Dracula, and the Mummyn in a the midst of a graveyard labeled

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The Racing Form 0


Hoist on the Elmer Gantry 0

The chutzpah.

It amazes.



Robert van Gulik:

. . . just enough is better than too little.

van Gulik, Robert, The Chinese Maze Murders (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1997), p. 103.


A Tune for the Times 0


Mea Maxima Culpa” 0

Bill Nemitz dissects a non-apology apology.