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Hoist on Their Own Petard 0

Mangy comments at the Youtube page:

Poor dumb Republicans. They planned to have what they thought would be a blockbuster hearing showing how Democrats manipulated Twitter to disadvantage Republicans, but instead they highlighted the fact that Trump pressured Twitter to take down unflattering posts about himself. So much for their dream of a ‘liberal-biased big tech’ expose. Mangy Fetlocks has known a few idiots in his many years, but James Comer, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, Marjorie Tater Greens, and friends display record-breaking ineptitude and stupidity.


The Chutzpah Confounds 0

The Trump Organization tries to argue that it isn’t.


The Microcosm 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Debbie Peterson suggests that George Santos is, in many ways, the personification of this New Gilded Age. A snippet:

These alleged activities (of Santos–ed.) share many characteristics of the white-collar crimes that pose the most serious threat to the global order in decades, according to Transparency International. White-collar crimes include money laundering, dark money transactions, and tax evasion via networked structures that steal vital public resources – to the detriment of communities and the people who live in them. The line between politics and business can be blurred through campaign donations, opaque lobbying, and the revolving doors between industries and political benefactors.

The Pandora Papers Investigations (citation at the link–ed.) identified high-level officials, oligarchs, and billionaires from around the world who were shielded with the help of attorneys, commercial real estate brokers, title companies, banks, and company formation agents who were able to act anonymously and, in turn, obscure the identity of their clients. Corrupt overseas corporate investors operate through virtually unidentifiable shell companies and trusts, unrecorded real estate and company formation transactions, and offshore accounts. The service providers who facilitate corruption also escape regulation, supervision, and accountability.

Do please take a look at her article.


Still Rising Again after All These Years 0

At the Charlotte Observer, Issac Bailey notes that we are seeing a trend of would-be oppressors claiming to be victims: Persons who wish to discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, etc., are claiming that they are the real victims of discrimination because they are not allowed to discriminate. It’s a marvelous mental mobius strip of malicious mendacity.

Bailey also notes that such claims have a long history in the United States. Here’s a bit of his article:

It’s a well-worn story whose roots reach back to this nation’s founding. White enslavers claimed they were the real victims because they didn’t have a real say over the laws they were governed by. White Southerners claimed they were the real victims because a war they began to preserve slavery ended with the near destruction of this region and most of their wealth. White business owners were upset they could no longer freely discriminate against black customers, and white parents howled when the Supreme Court put the final nail in the coffin of officially-sanctioned Jim Crow.

Now, a growing number of white conservatives and others have been making the case that being called racist or the removal or rethinking of traditional standards that had long favored them is the real discrimination.


American Exceptionalism 0

Once again, the United States sets an example that others follow.


Americans need to stop kidding themselves that loftiness of the American dream somehow washes away the reality of America’s history.


“But I’m the Victim Here” 0

Right-wingers, racists, and, especially these days, evangelical they-call-themselves Christians often claim that they are being persecuted for their beliefs, they they are, to quote the cliche, “the real victims here.” Their definition of “persecution,” match, is not getting everyone else bend to their will.

At Psychology Today Blogs, Araya Baker explores why these folks portray themselves as–indeed, can convince themselves that they are–victims. It is a complex and timely article and well worth the few minutes it will take you to read it.


Republican Relativity 0

Frame One:  Man looks at gas price of 5.21 and thinks,

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(Broken link fixed.)


Muskrat Love 0

Hypocrisy much?

“My Team met with @Twitter today,” (Congresswoman Lori–rf.) Trahan wrote Thursday night, in a tweet that’s since gone viral. “They told us that they’re not going to retaliate against independent journalists or researchers who publish criticisms of the platform.

“Less than 12 hours later, multiple technology reporters have been suspended.”

I suspect I’m not the only person who has come to suspect (to put it rather mildly) that Elon Musk doesn’t know what the heck he is doing and also does not understand the concept of accountability, which is not surprising if one has never been held accountable for anything ever.


Driftglass sees a pattern here.


Sioux City Stiffed . . . 0

. . . by a guy who’s notorious for not paying his bills.


“Goose, Meet Gander” 0


Freedom of Screech 0

At the San Francisco Chronicle, Morgan N. Weiland argues that Elon Musk’s concept of free speech does not fit easily into the concepts of the traditional political left or political right (though the right seems to be embracing it, think primarily because of Musk’s tolerance for hate speech). Rather, Weiland suggests that it has other roots. An excerpt (emphasis added):

Rather, Musk is remaking Twitter in the “free flow of information” image of free speech that is pervasive in tech culture and ascendant at the Supreme Court. This hyper-libertarian view has roots in engineering and values content quantity over quality, prioritizes information over ideas and drops accountability entirely from the equation. And it departs dramatically from the historical metaphor about free expression — Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes’ “marketplace of ideas” — which envisions competition among ideas, supported by a responsible press, where truth usually wins out.

Instead, Musk is letting information flow, and we are drowning in it.

As an aside, it occurred to me a couple of days ago that, for all right’s concern about “cancel culture” (which is, I think, their term for “accountability”), they do not realize that they are canceling civilized discourse.

Or perhaps they do.


All the News that Fits 0


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Dis Coarse Discourse, A Retrospective 0

Title:  How did we get here?  Image:  Path from Reagan ending the

Via Yellowdoggranny.


The Dodge 0

Two bank robbers holed up in a hotel room counting their loot.  One looks out the window and says,

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And Here We Go Again . . . . 0

Title:  Predictable Pattern.  Frame One, captioned

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Empty Suits . . . 0

. . . have long been an essential element of Donald Trump’s wardrobe.


Dis Coarse Discourse 0

Man says, sanctimoniously,

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The Question Is the Answer 0


Words Matter 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Joe Pierre argues forcefully that violent political rhetoric leads (or, perhaps more accurately, has already led) to actual violence.

He also notes a double standard in dis coarse discourse:

Indeed, a kind of double standard seems to have crept into American politics. While President Obama drew widespread criticism for wearing a tan suit back in 2014 and Clinton faced a serious backlash for her “basket of deplorables” gaffe* during her 2016 campaign, violent political rhetoric—mostly coming from the right—is often either trivialized and written off as harmless metaphor or countered with “whataboutism,” . . . .

Follow the link for his article.


*I would argue that it was not a gaffe. Ill-expressed, perhaps, but not a gaffe.


If One Standard Is Good, Two Must Be Better 0

Methinks David’s first caller has a point. (The second caller discusses the looming water crisis in the American southwest and is also worth hearing.)