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No self-awareness twit.


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This was truly foul.


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Yes, It Gets My Goat Too 0

Bob Molinaro, sportswriter extraordinaire:

When their fever breaks, perhaps the cognoscenti who crowned Tom Brady the “greatest team-sport athlete of all time” will take time to reconsider. That is, if the name Bill Russell still means anything. The ghost of Babe Ruth also might have something to say about this.


Money Ball 0

Bob Molinaro, sportswriter extraordinaire:

New University of Texas football coach Steve Sarkisian hired a special teams coach for $1 million a year. But remember, there’s never enough money for the athletes.


Stray Thought 0

I used to look forward to watching college football on New Year’s Day. but the venality and corruption of the NCAA has cured me of that.

Now I spend my New Year’s reading (gasp) books.

But, if you want to wallow in the fascination of large men running into each other, check out

It’s an excellent website, but it does indeed reflect Alabama’s fascination with corpulent collisions.


Trickle-On Economics: A Case Study 0

Bob Molinaro, sports-writer extraordinaire:

Recently, a Stephen Curry rookie card sold at auction for $611,000. So now we have a better understanding for why the very rich need those tax breaks.


The First “Cleveland Indian” 0

The Bangor Daily News tells the story of the first Native American major league baseball player, a member of Maine’s Penobscot Nation. It is not pretty.

Here’s a bit; follow the link for the rest.

The response from the crowd 123 years ago (when he first took the field–ed.), however, was far from laudatory. Instead, Sockalexis was met with shouted racial slurs, demeaning “war whoops,” and fans doing “war dances” every time he took the field. Fans would ask him if he was drinking firewater, something that became ever more cruel over the course of his career, during which his alcoholism worsened.

That legacy of racist language and iconography lived on after Sockalexis, and in 1915 the team that was known as the Cleveland Spiders became the Cleveland Indians — a name that the team and its fans claim was chosen to honor Sockalexis and Native people in general, but in reality had a far more complicated, racist origin.


Trick Play 0

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution follows the money.


False Idols 0

In the Des Moines Register, Kristen Greteman takes issue with the Iowa State University athletic director’s plan to sacrifice the arts, specifically performances at ISU’s Stephens Auditorium, on the altar of football to pay for the football team’s loss of revenue in these viral times.


Random Observation 0

My new Philadelphia Phillies baseball cap was delivered today.

I was afraid that the old one, seen from the wrong angle, might be mistaken for a MAGA hat.

I could not bear the stigma . . . .


School Daze 0

Sportswriter extraordinaire Bob Molinaro reflects on the reopening in these viral times (emphasis in the original):

Panic button: With positive COVID-19 tests continuing to rise on its campus, the University of North Carolina’s decision to suspend all athletic activities Wednesday until “at least” the next day is another example of a school chasing its own tail. One day? One week? The virus will be waiting.

Barely afloat: Schools that initially invited students back to campus are quickly discovering what they should have known. When dealing with easily transmissible viruses, dorms are cruise ships without the water.


I was in college a long time ago and certainly did my share of partying. Nevertheless, other than concerts, sports events, large lectures, and some demonstrations against America’s Great and Glorious War for a Lie in Vietnam, I don’t remember participating in the sorts of mob scenes being reported from some colleges.


Sacrificial Lambs 0

Sportswriter extraordinaire Bob Molinaro:

If you heard what Lou Holtz said on Fox News, I hope you’ve recovered. Ranting in favor of a college football season despite COVID-19, the former coach said, “When they stormed Normandy, they knew there were going to be casualties — there were going to be risks.” Holtz is 83, but age is no excuse.

Follow the link for the rest of his column for more sane observations about sports in these viral times.


A Form of Release 0


Prioritizationizing 0

From sportswriter extraordinaire Bob Molinaro:

At a time when some big earners are taking financial haircuts, ESPN notes that the highest-paid public employee in 40 states is a football or men’s basketball coach. Clearly then, the priorities of the other 10 states need adjustment.


Flag Daze, Reprise 0

At, John Goodman remarks on NASCAR’s recent decision to ban the Confederate battle ensign from its events and properties (while wondering how said ban will be enforced), but notes that we should not forget that NASCAR waged a long and enthusiastic campaign over many decades to associate itself with said flag. Here’s a bit:

Try and understand, though — and this might be hard for many — but modern-day NASCAR fans who love that flag and say they associate it with a culture built around a sport are not completely to blame for that ignorance. The celebration of the Confederate flag by NASCAR helped normalize the symbol, and further alienate the South from the rest of the country.

When South Carolina senator Strom Thurmond and his Dixiecrats started waving the Confederate battle flag to associate it with their pro-segregation politics, Thurmond used NASCAR to advance his agenda. NASCAR was happy to help because it was a profitable partnership.


From the “No Self-Awareness” Dept. 0

Bob Molinaro, sports writer extraordinaire, catches the irony:

The Redskins — the Redskins, mind you — joined other sports organizations this week in standing against racism. If the irony doesn’t register with you, give it another thought.


Stray Thought, Long Time Out Dept. 0

You know the Sports Department at my local rag is getting desperate from the lack of sports news when they run the results of the Canadian Football League draft on the sports page where they would normally have box scores.

I can’t find it on their website, but I saw it with my own eyes.


A Glimmer of Sunshine 0

Bob Molinaro. sportswriter extraordinaire, looks on the bright side:

(Major League Commissioner Rob–ed.) Manfred said this week that baseball is “probably not gonna be able to do” a 162-game schedule. So what he’s saying is, it’s less likely that the Orioles will lose 100 games again.


Super Bowl Boor 0

Self-important culture warrior throws penalty flag for “backfield in motion.”