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Republican Family Values, Maskless Marauders Dept. 0

I know that I am not the only one to notice the irony in the “Right-to-Life” party’s willingness to court infection and death, for school children no less, during a time of pandemic.

Scott Maxwell has more.


Premature Exhilaration 0

Persons in a bar celebrating and carrying banners reading

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It’s one thing to relax restrictions.

It’s quite another to assume that the need for discretion is no more.


The Year in Rebuke* 0

Thom talks with Philip Rucker, one of the authors of I Alone Can Fix It.


*With apologies to Harry Shearer.


He Made the Cut 0

Florida Man.

Our society is doomed.


Twits on Twitter 0

Bob Molinaro, sportswriter extraordinaire:

It’s shocking to hear of the harsh things being said on Twitter about Simone Biles. Because as we know, Twitter usually overflows with such positive, life-affirming messages.


All the News that Fits, Vaccine Nation Dept. 0

At, Paul Gattis reports on doctors’ efforts to quell myths about and promote vaccination against COVID-19 in Alabama, the least vaccinated state in the country. It is an uphill battle.

Here’s an excerpt:

Arora (Dr. Aruna Arora, a neurologist and president of the Madison County Medical Society–ed) continued with this anecdote:

“I remember one particular elderly female who was literally trembling,” she said. “She was trembling because she knew COVID was running rampant but she started to cry because she was tuned in to some media stations and she was terrified of getting the vaccine because of all the reasons she felt that the vaccine would also be detrimental to her health. So therefore, an innocent human being was just paralyzed for making a decision for herself.”

Follow the link to learn what said “media stations” may happen to be.


Immunity Impunity 0

More folks who just can’t seem to stop themselves.



Susan Stebbing:

We must face the unfortunate fact that we are moved to the acceptance of beliefs by factors that are wholly irrelevant to their truth.


Women Athletes Eye Candy, Reprise 0

Title:  In a Perfect World.  Image:  Two old white men wearing suit jackets and bikini bottoms and carrying brief cases bearing the Olympics logo.  Passerby says to his companiong,

Via Juanita Jean.


Maskless Marauders . . . 0

. . . incongruously assembled.


Karen Karen-Like 0

They just can’t seem to help themselves.


The Fire This Time 0


The Fee Hand of the Market 0

Business man in front of pile of parts to potential employee:  I need someone to assemble the robot that's going to replace them.  It pays $7.25 an hour.

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Back to Basics 0

At the Orlando Sentinel, law professor Jeremy I. Lewitt cuts gets down to brass tacks on the kerfuffle about critical race theory:

Conservatives’ anti-CRT crusade is nothing more than a veiled straw man response to the nationwide embrace of racial justice and anti-racism by good white people.

Follow the link for the rest.


Vaccine Nation, Macho Macho Man Dept. 0

We are a society of stupid.

Video via C&L, which has commentary.



Walter Gropius:

The mind is like an umbrella – it functions best when open.


Fly the Fiendly Skies 0

No room at the inn.


Auto-Immunity Deficiency Disorder 0

Alabama’s Mo Brooks aims at foot, pulls trigger.

The stupid. It does not just burn, it blazes.


The Freedom Fraud 0

Thom explains how Republicans have been trying to redefine “freedom” for a century.

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Maskless Marauders 0

The stupid.

It burns.