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American Taliban 0

Thom’s guest discusses the cultural similarities between American white supremacists and Muslim extremists.


The Plight of the Phoenix 0

Arizona plaintiffs petition the Arizona Supreme Court to authorize them to execute a coup d’etat.

We are a society of stupid.


Facebook Frolics 0

Enforcer frolics.


Unmentionable 0

At the Idaho State Journal, Leonard Hitchcock takes a look at “critical race theory” and right-wing efforts to ban it from school curricula. Given the recent amount of press critical race theory has received, I recommend his article for, in particular, its clear description of what critical race theory is.


I find the right-wings’ thought process (or lack there of) fascinating. If American history teaches us anything, it’s that not talking about racism doesn’t make it go away.

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Facebook Frolics 0

Insurrectionist frolics.

One more time, the internet is a public place.

And it never forgets.


The Trial by Ordeal 0

Republican Elephants, dressed as Puritans, dunking Liz Cheney into a creek.  Reporter asks,

Via Job’s Anger.


All That Was Old Is New Again 0

Title:  Crushing Dissent.  Frame One, captioned

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Freedom of Screech 0

Josh Hawley says,

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Twits on Twitter 0

No self-awareness twit.


“The Wokiest Place on Earth” 0

Read the original column. And here’s a rejoinder.


The Wall-Eye Piker 0

(Warning: Short commercial at the end.)

Read the news report that David discusses.


A Bumble 0

He made an unexpected match on Bumble.

One week after the insurrection at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, Robert Chapman sent a message to a prospective love interest on the dating app Bumble to brag that he had taken part.

“I did storm the capitol,” he said, according to court documents. “I made it all the way to Statuary Hall.”

His potential date wrote back: “We are not a match.” Then, the Bumble user contacted the police.

Then the police contacted him . . . .


“The Armed Encampment on a Hill” 0

Thom marvels at what Republicans have done to America.


Contemporary “Conservatism” Coddles the Crazy 0


Facebook Frolics 0

Team room frolics.


Maskless Marauders 0

A meshed-up marauder.


Phoning It In 0

Trump cultist exercises his freedom of screech by making obscene phone calls to his Congressional representative.

We do not have a civil society.

And the incivility has an identifiable source.


A Notion of Immigrants, Delution Delusion Dept. 0

And, in the same vein . . . .


Disunited States 0

Werner Herzog’s Bear mulls over Republicans’ “culture war” strategy, first wielded with effectiveness by Richard Nixon, and the implications of said strategy. Here’s a bit; the entire article is well-worth the three or four minutes it will take for you to read it (emphasis added).

….it also emerged this week that the Republicans are planning a political strategy based on the culture war, as opposed to policy. Some have mocked this, but I see it merely as the continuation of the one reliable strategy Republicans have had for the past fifty years. Some are puzzled that they are calling themselves a “working class party” while failing to do anything to materially improve people’s lives. They forget that the Nixon strategy depends on resentment, on saying Republicans are protecting good people against the elites. They don’t mean the economic elite, whom they wish to shower with tax breaks, but the “cultural elite.” Anti-university, anti-trans, anti-environmentalism, and anti-anti-racism all fit into this.


The Level Playing Field 0

Man says,

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