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Boebert Is the New Gohmert 0

Mike Littwin.


Dis Coarse Discourse 0

New Jersey woman exercises her freedom of screech.


Stray Thought 0

CPAC is not a “political action committee.”

It’s a society of sociopaths.


A Notion of Immigrants 0

Dan Patrice suggests that renting out the National Guard to the highest bidder is not a good thing. A snippet (emphasis added):

. . . Noem (South Dakota’s governor–ed.) originally declared that she was sending “up to 50” guardsfolk to Texas on her own authority to respond to a request from the governor of Texas all on the dime of a Republican megadonor. If privately funded commandeering of the armed forces to enforce Tucker Carlson’s fever dreams sounds like a dystopian nightmare, then you are paying the appropriate amount of attention.

Follow the link for context.


The Making Up of a Martyr 0

Michael in Norfolk considers the effort by Trump and the Trumpettes to turn an insurrectionist into an idol.


Nixon’s Southern Strategy Marches On 0

Thom examines the Republican Party’s strategy to flood the zone with excrement.


When the Truth Hurts, Hurt the Truth, One More Time 0

A Texas museum has been pressured not to talk about the role of slavery in Texas history.

A promotional event for a book examining the role slavery played leading up to the Battle of the Alamo that was scheduled at the Bullock Texas State History Museum on Thursday evening was abruptly canceled three and a half hours before it was scheduled to begin.

Authors of the book, titled “Forget the Alamo,” and the publisher, Penguin Random House, say the cancellation of the event, which had 300 RSVPs, amounts to censorship from Republican elected leaders and an overreaction to the book’s examination of racism in Texas history.

Much more at the link.


The Courage of Their Conniptions 0

January 6 Capitol rioters are deleting their “social” media posts.

And it’s not working. Here’s a bit from the AP report.

Erasing digital content isn’t as easy as deleting content from phones, removing social media posts or shutting down accounts. Investigators have been able to retrieve the digital content by requesting it from social media companies, even after accounts are shut down.

Posts made on Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms are recoverable for a certain period of time, and authorities routinely ask those companies to preserve the records until they get court orders to view the posts, said Adam Scott Wandt, a public policy professor at John Jay College of Criminal Justice who trains law enforcement on cyber-based investigations.

Authorities also have other avenues for investigating whether someone has tried to delete evidence.


Note the use of the phrase, “delete evidence.”


When the Truth Hurts, Hurt the Truth 0

At The Hartford Courant, a history professor muses on Republicans’ fear of historical fact. A snippet (emphasis added):

Students are smart. If they sometimes develop new opinions as a result of their history classes, it is not because we push them in a particular direction. Students are perfectly capable of reading a bombastic nationalistic speech by Mussolini and hearing the echoes in modern political discourse. Those students who are aware of efforts in Georgia and elsewhere to restrict voting and to allow state legislatures to overturn electoral results they don’t like may very well connect those changes to the tightening grip of authoritarian parties in the 1920s and 1930s. And I have no doubt that when we study the Beer Hall Putsch the next time I teach my class on Hitler’s Germany, students will want to talk about the Jan. 6 Capitol riot and wonder about its long-term implications. They will raise questions about ongoing GOP efforts to whitewash that history and to reject the label of “insurrection.”


Raging against Reality 0

The phrase, “white rage,” has been bandied about lately in the wake of General Milley’s takedown of the racist fulminations of Matt Gaetz.

At Psychology Today Blogs, Rupert Nacoste offers a definition of what exactly that is. Here’s a bit (emphasis added); follow the link for the full article.

Unlike any other historical period in America, neo-diversity is a part of the life of everyday Americans. Neo-diversity, you see, is the new interpersonal situation of America in which we all have to encounter and sometimes interact with people “not like us” on some group dimension. . . .

“White rage” is racial neo-diversity anxiety catching that fire. Imagine being made to feel safe by a false sense of racial superiority and then suddenly having to deal with real information that made it clear that your beliefs about “them” were false; they were stereotypes that had nothing to do with real people. Panicked distress; violent emotions; erratic, irrational (lashing out) behavior (call the police); all that occurs because of having to face the now-very-real member of that group — one of “them” standing up to you demanding respect.


If all you’ve got on which to hang your identity is the color of your skin, you are poor and hollow person indeed.


All the News that Fits, Backlash Dept. 0

Sam and his crew discuss Tucker Carlson’s white rage.


I wish I could write “rage against the marine,” but General Milley is not a Marine.


Need To Know 0

General Mark Milley responds to statements from Matt Gaetz regarding critical race theory.

Via Juanita Jean.


“Backing the Blue” 0


Misdirection Play, Your Lying Eyes Dept. 0


Twits on Twitter 0

Twits with borderline disorder.


All That Was Old Is New Again 0

Image based on iconic photo from school desegration in the 1950s:  Small black girls escorted by Federal Marshalls into a school carrying a book titled

Click to view the original image.

Richard Nixon’s “Southern Strategy” has come full circle.

The Republican Party has become the party of racism.


The Cowardice of Their Convictions 0

The Des Moines Register’s Reka Basu calls out Republicans’ efforts to ban “critical race theory” and, along with that, honest discussion of American history. A snippet:

. . . having anyone connect the dots from the foundation of the United States to our current racial inequality is so threatening to a growing number of Republicans in and out of Iowa, they’re actually outlawing it.

It’s too guilt-inducing, they say.


Methinks it induces guilt because the guilt is deserved, and they can’t face that.

Or perhaps they feel no guilt and don’t want others to do so.


Borderline Insanity 0

The Arizona Republic’s Elvira Diaz is fed up with right-wingers’ faux outrage over Vice President Harris’s decision to skip a meaningless photo op and, instead, do something substantive.


The Vice of the Turtle 0

Mitch McConnell throwing a garbage can labeled

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There’s Incitement, and Then There’s Pre-Incitement . . . . 0

And, in related news . . . .