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The Lake Effect 0

The lake appears to be receding.

Apparently, Kari Lake’s attorneys didn’t do their homework.


The Lake Effect 0


For some fool reason, I got a fund-raising letter from Turning Point USA, Charlie Kirk’s outfit. It included a postage-paid reply envelope. I was tempted to reply . . . .

Clearly, they don’t do research good.


The Playbook 0

One Republican Elephant asks,

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“Republicans Don’t Need Evidence” 0

Farron contemns the right-wing’s “litter boxes in school” lie and their gullible dupes, symps, and fellow travelers who buy into it.


The Voting Fraud Fraud, Lake Effect Dept. 0


The Price of Lies 0

Frame One:  Image of the Junuary 6 inssurection captioned,

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The Real Groomers 2

In looking at the results of Arizona’s elections, the Arizona Republic’s Laurie Roberts identifies the real groowmers. A snippet:

. . . Republicans have spent the last two years grooming their supporters not to trust anything that election workers say or do.

I have had neighbors who worked the polls on election day.

It’s a grueling long day that starts before dawn and doesn’t end until the votes are counted.

They did it because they cared about the country and they cared about democracy, and they tried to do it right. If they are paid at all, the pay is de minimis.

They certainly don’t deserve to be reviled and abused by a bunch of whiny sore losers whose ultimate motivations, when you dig through the layers of gibberish and obfuscation, are racism and bigotry and hatred.


The One-Trick Phony 0

Frame One:  Woman says,

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Exceeded Expectations 0

Farron expects more of the same.


Cheating on the Test Scores 0

At the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Ted Dintersmith argues forcefully that the furor over student test scores declining in a period of pandemic is much ado over not much of anything. (I know that Virginia’s Governor Trumpkin has been riding that bike as hard as he can peddle.)

Here’s a small bit from his article (emphasis added); the rest is at the link.

Many experienced deep personal, family, and community trauma. Given these challenges, we should have braced ourselves for a 25% “plunge” in scores, and been ecstatic with tiny declines equivalent to missing just one question out of dozens. A more appropriate headline would be: “Despite Massive Disruption, Test Scores Barely Decline.”


Gutting Out the Vote 0

My friend saw a news report about the goons folks whe have been patrolling Arizona’s ballot drop boxes while carrying weapons and wearing body armor; she asked me if I knew anthing about it.

I said, “They claim that they are protecting the integrity of the vote, but they are actually right-wing–er–enthusiasts trying to intimidate voters.”


Hobson’s Choice 0

Man and woman at kitchen table looking at a ballot.  Woman says,

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Mythbuster 0

At the Idaho State Journal, Nick Gier debunks the Republicans’ falsehoods about President Biden. Here’s the topics he addresses; follow the link for his evidence about each one.

  • False: Joe Biden and Democrats are responsible for violent crime.
  • False: Biden and the Democrats have defunded the police.
  • False: Biden is responsible for inflation.
  • False: Biden caused high gas prices.
  • False: National debt has exploded under Biden.
  • False: Biden caused a recession.
  • False: Biden slowed economic growth.


“The Beating Heart of Trumpism” 0

Seth analyzes the EKG.


Since Seth started out talking about Lindsey Graham, my original title for this post included the phrase “The Graham Cracker” (full disclosure: I’m winging it stream of consciousness off the top of my head). Later on, I changed the title. But “cracker” still applies. There’s a whole box of crackers here.

I’m a Southern Boy. I know what a cracker is, and Graham is a cracker who hangs around with crackers.

If you don’t know what a cracker is, you might look it up.


Paper Trail 0

At Above the Law, Liz Dye points her finger at John Eastman and says, “But the emails!”


The Big Lie Liars 0

Arizona Attorney-General admits that the claims that Democrats stole the 2020 presidential election are, to use his term, a “grift.”


Via C&L, which has commentary.


The Privatization Scam 0

Martin A. Davis, Jr., takes issue with Virginia Governor Trumpkin’s maligning the efficacy of Virginia public schools by misrepresenting the meaning of certain national test data. He points out that, despite the Governor’s spin, the numbers show that “Virginia is performing as well as most every other state in the union, and better than a significant number.”

That is not the governor’s goal, however. He is more concerned with cherry picking data that he can then use to push his agenda and bring an end to public education by allowing charter operators to move in and replace traditional public schools.

It’s a cynical ploy based on the faulty belief that competition makes everything better.

Education is not a business. It is a public good. And public education in Virginia is doing quite well relative to other states.

Follow the link for more details about the data.


Descent into the Maelstrom 0

Thom and Robert Draper discuss the Republican Party’s embrace of Trumpism.

This is an exceptional listen.

I think a strong argument can be made that the Republican Party is no longer interested in participating in governance in a democratic polity. They no longer tolerate differing opinions.

Rather, the Republican Party seeks dominion.


The Voter Fraud Fraudsters 0

David explains the cycle of chicanery. (Warning: Short commercial at the end, but you don’t have to watch it.)


Shenanigans 0

Right-wing operatives to face criminal charges for phoning it in. A snippet:

Jacob Wohl, 22, and Jack Burkman, 54, each face four felony counts in Detroit, including conspiring to intimidate voters in violation of election law and using a computer to commit crimes, Attorney General Dana Nessel said.


The men, who have a history of staging hoaxes and spreading false smears against prominent Democrats and government officials, are not in custody and no date for their arraignments has been set.

Well, I guess it’s a start, but what about all the others?