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Reporting Problems0

Please use the “Email” link at the top of the sidebar to report problems. Include your operating system (Linux, Solaris, Windows XP/2000/etc.), processor (Pentium #, Celeron, AMD, etc.), browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Netscape, Opera which rocks!, etc.), type of connection (cable, DSL, dial-up, T1, etc.), and your email address, in case I need some more help from you.

Reported Problems

Comments Page

One of my friends reports that, when he clicks to add a comment, he gets taken to a blank page. He uses Firefox.

I have been unable to duplicate the problem with Netscape, Internet Explorer, Opera, Konqueror, or Mozilla. I get taken to a page displaying the post, along with any posted comments, and the form for adding a comment at the bottom of the page.

If you run into this, please let me know.

Font Size

After some friends told me that the fonts, especially on the sidebar, seemed very small, I increased the size of the fonts. Even so, different browsers seem to give different results. If you are still having trouble, I recommend that you check your browser’s settings to see whether there is a default font size setting and try changing that.

Or get Opera. Opera rocks..

See your browser’s help file for how to find and change the font display setting.

Here’s the results I got in testing the site with the browsers I have (I shrank the pictures down to 400 pixels wide to fit them in this page).

In Opera 8 for Linux:

Opera 8 for Linux screenshot

In Opera 8 for Windows:

Opera 8 for Windows screenshot

In Netscape 7 for Linux:

Netscape 7 for Linux screenshot

In Netscape 8 for Windows:

Netscape 8 for Windows screenshot

In Internet Explorer, set for medium fonts. IE set for small fonts was almost painful:

IE screenshot

In Mozilla 1.7 for Linux:

Mozilla for Linux screenshot

In Konqueror 3.2.3 for Linux:

Konqueror screenshot

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