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The widow of opposition leader Alexey Navalny accused Putin of killing him in a video posted on her X account on Monday. That came as she announced she was taking over Navalny’s role as opposition leader after his death in a remote Russian prison colony on Friday.

Her profile page showed an “Account suspended” message on Tuesday and an explanation that the service “suspends accounts which violate the X Rules.” Shortly after, the account appeared online again.

The story goes on to report that, as of press time, X had not responded to inquiries as to why this happened.


Precedented 0

Mona Charen reminds of what Mark Twain said, that history does not repeat itself, but it often echoes.

She’s hearing an echo right now.


Russian Impulses 0


It’s Bubblelicious 0

Oliver Darcy offers a theory as to how dis coarse discourse got so coarse. I note it because it is consistent with my opinion that “social” media isn’t; he suggests that

For a right-wing online influencer, the top incentive is to amass video views and shares — all in a bid to increase one’s social media footprint and, thus, power and treasure.

Methinks he is onto something.


It’s All about the Algorithm 0

At Psychology Today Blogs, Robyn Koslowitz discusses a TikTok challenge which, as nears as I can figure out, involves parents telling kids to go into a bathroom, telling them it’s a safe space where they can curse all they want. Then the parents record the result and post it to “social” media.

Koslowitz lists a number of reasons that this is a bad idea, starting with the idea that it’s a betrayal of trust (that is, saying that a place is safe, then then violating that space. The line that caught my eye, though, was this:

When a parent is filming their child for the sake of content creation, the focus moves off the child and parenting and onto an algorithm.

One more time, “social” media isn’t.


The Crypto Con 0

Emma and the crew react to a crypto con artist’s claim that God made him do it. Listen to him closely: he’s clearly describing a Ponzi scheme. (Warning: mild language.)


Gutting Out the Vote 0

The Arizona Republic’s E. J. Montini writes about an Arizona legislator who has decided that, well, if you can’t gut out the vote, why not just throw it out completely. A snippet:

Arizona state Sen. Anthony Kern, one of the Republicans being investigated by Attorney General Kris Mayes for falsely certifying that the state’s electoral college votes should be awarded to Donald Trump instead of winner Joe Biden, has come up with a novel approach to protect election stealers in the future:

Make it legal.

Kern has introduced Senate Concurrent Resolution 1014, which — I am not making this up — allows that “the Legislature, and no other official, shall appoint presidential electors.”



Not this.


The Rule of Lawless 0

Donald Trump, wearing robes of royalty and holding a bottle labeled

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Be It Resolved . . . . 0

Title:  New Year's Resolutions.  Frame One:  Woman says,

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The Electric (Car) Bugaloo 0

Nikolai Tesla must be rolling over in his grave with embarrassment to have his name associated with this outfit.


“Vengeance Is Ours,” Saith Republicans 0

At The Colorado Sun, Mike Littwin tries to make sense of the nonsensical. A snippet:

With no smoking gun — with, in fact, no actual evidence whatsoever of high crimes and/or misdemeanors on Biden’s part — House Republicans voted to make the inquiry official anyway because, well, they could. And that’s even though some of the Trump fanboys at Fox News have been forced to admit that, uh, we got nothin’.

So why the official inquiry? Let’s go with the two most obvious reasons. One, because Donald Trump wants it. Two, because Johnson and his team, who can’t seem to do much of anything else, including passing bills to aid an embattled ally fighting off the Russians, felt they had to do something to justify their phoney-baloney jobs.

(Missing link found.)


The Eyes Have It 0

FLorida Man.


The Crypto Con 0

Michael Hiltzik, a columnist for the Los Angeles Times, has had enough.

. . . it’s impossible to escape the conclusion that as an asset class, crypto is so infected with criminal behavior and so lacking in useful purpose that the only proper regulatory approach is to eradicate it.

Follow the link for his reasoning.


Argle Bargle 0

At Above the Law, Liz Dye looks at the latest I-guess-you-have-to-call-them arguments and tries to make sense out of the senseless. What it boils down to, natch, is attempting to use the law to argue that Donald Trump is exempt from the law.

A sample:

This jiujitsu logic comes from Trump’s reply in support of his motion to dismiss the DC case for selective and vindictive prosecution. Never before has a president been prosecuted for crimes, he argues. Ipso facto propter hoc, selective prosecution! Trump conveniently ignores the hundreds of other January 6 plaintiffs who have been prosecuted, many under the same obstruction and conspiracy statutes he’s charged with here. None of those weirdos is president, right?


The Carnappers 0

Persons in Philly who overstay their metered parking by the teeniest bit are now getting barnacle bills.


Courting Disaster, Reprise 0



Facebook Frolics 0

A Tennessee police department found out the hard way that, even though a frolicker posts something stupid and disrespectful and insipid, it ain’t inherently a crime.

We are becoming an uncivil society. And “social” media is accelerating our desce–oh, never mind.


Disorder in the Court 0

It’s enough to make you gagged.


Motion Sickness 0

At Above the Law, Liz Dye catalogs the crazy in three motions Donald Trump’s attorneys filed with the D. C. federal court in his election interference case.