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Know Them by the Company They Keep 0

And some folks choose to run with a bad crowd.


Fly the Fiendly Skies . . . 0

. . . and have a fellow traveler accuse you of trafficking drugs because of your perceived ethnicity.

Jesus, Mary, and Joseph.


Lapdogs for the Merchants of Hate 0

Jake Tapper forcefully calls out the Republican Party’s lukewarm response–almost a non-response–to the rise in antisemitism on the right.


As they betray Jake Tapper’s grandfather, who died in World War II, they also betray my father, who fought in World War II, but was fortunate enough to come home to a long and full life.

Today’s Republican Party is a vile and loathsome thing.


A One-Act Play 0

Mangy comments at the Youtube page:

Given the security that is provided a former President of the United States, it is pretty hard to believe that white supremacist and insecure small-boy, Nick Fuentes, was simply allowed to waltz into a Mag-a-Lardo dinner with Donald Trump simply by accompanying “Ye” (formerly known as a guy with a normal name). This explanation of events sounds remarkably like most of Trump’s rally speeches or Fuente’s vlogs. (In other words, unadulterated BS)

Mangy Fetlocks imagined how access to the Trumpster might REALLY have been granted to Fuentes, and he wrote a short musical drama to illustrate his theory. He hopes it will soon be produced on Broadway, becoming a Tony-Award-winning mini-musical, netting Mangy a host of offers for free donuts from his adoring fans.


Freedom of Screech 0

At the Portland Press-Herald, Barbara S. Held argues that the proliferation of poisonous rhetoric is polluting our polity.

Methinks she has a point. You have only to pay attention.

A snippet (emphasis added); follow the link for the rest.

We must recognize that whether a person’s racist speech reflects ignorance or underlying race-based hate (or both), the proliferation of racist rhetoric helps to normalize it, thereby increasing the acceptance of racist falsehoods that intensify racist violence and oppression of minorities.

Her article is worth your while.


Republican Family Values 0

Values voters* keep phoning it in. And phoning it in.


*So they themselves think.


The Silent Satisfaction of Base Desires 0

Thom decodes de code.


Dis Coarse Discourse, A Retrospective 0

Title:  How did we get here?  Image:  Path from Reagan ending the

Via Yellowdoggranny.


The Blank Check 0

Today’s Republican Party and its dupes, symps, and fellow travelers, along with evangelical they-call-themselves Christians, have issued blank checks for bigotry.

This fellow tried to cash his.


Freedom of Screech 0

At, Kyle Whitmire argues forcefully that unfettered freedom of speech, of the sort espoused by Elon Musk and others of his ilk, can quickly become corrosive. He makes a comparison to a bar owner of his acquaintance, who did not hesitate to eject troublemakers. Here’s a bit of the article; follow the link for the whole delightful article (emphasis added).

For years, the major platforms have been fighting the same battles, scrubbing misinformation off the bathroom walls and kicking racists, misogynists, homophobes and other assorted belligerents out the door.

Only now they’re giving up.

At Twitter, King Troll has opened the gates of hell, letting back in all the riffraff the previous owners kicked out.

At Facebook, the platform seems to have decided the easiest way to suppress fake news is to suppress news altogether.*

This isn’t a free speech crisis. It’s a crisis of mutual civility. And without it, real speech dies.

And, remember, “social” media isn’t.

And it’s becoming less so.


*Given that I spend about five minutes a month on the Zuckerborg, I don’t know what he’s talking about, but this may provide some context.


The Toadie Pool 0

Mike Littwin marvels at how major Republican figures seem to fear cutting ties with Trump, even as he proceeds from one outrageous deed to another. He refers to Trump’s dinner with “the nation’s most prominent antisemite of the moment as well as with a Holocaust-denying white nationalist” inner and to Republicans’ lukewarm reaction. A snippet:

It’s almost as if Trump is daring them to do it (break with him–ed.). It’s almost as if he’s a bully who enjoys nothing more than humiliating his allies. It’s almost as if hanging out with antisemites and white nationalists is the latest version of the Trump dictum that he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and not lose a vote.


Birds of a Feather 0

The Daily Show compares Fox News and Nick Fuentes.

Via C&L.


The Groomers 0

Caption:  Groomers  Image:  Crowd of persons, one labeled

Via Yellowdoggranny.


The Commodification of Education 0

Be sure to listen to the quotation that starts at the 7:19 moment, which begins “We are in danger of creating an educated proletariat . . . .”

An educated proletariat is what they fear.


If I had the money, I’d get a Lamborghini. Ever since I read that review in Motor Trend all those many years ago, I’ve wanted one. They don’t look like much, but I’d take one over a Ferrari any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

I don’t have the money, oh, well, but I do have a Mustang convertible.

I wouldn’t call it the poor man’s Lamborghini by any stretch, but it is fun to drive.


Stray Question 0

Who would have thought that, if you conspire to overthrow the government, you could be found guilty in court of conspiring to overthrow the government?


The Bullies’ Pulpit 0

Sam and his crew discuss the right-wing’s demonization of LGBTQ persons, the Colorado Springs shooting, and the hypocrisy of Republicans’ reaction thereunto.


Dis Coarser Discourse 0

Arnie D. Fielkow and Tracie Washington, writing at, have a history of political disagreements. However, writing at, they report that there is one thing on which they do agree. Two snippets:

Never in our lifetimes have we experienced the level of hate, anger and hostility over our politics, economy, foreign policy, and even the meaning of democracy. Incidents of antisemitism, racism and bigotry are at frightening levels, and legitimate questions are being raised regarding what America is and really stands for. Respectful discourse has almost become a relic of the past and many are afraid — with good reason — to even express personal views.


Clearly, the actions and dog-whistles of certain political leadership have empowered and legitimized bigots. Most thought neo-Nazis and the KKK were in the past, but frighteningly they have publicly re-emerged with new allies from QAnon, the Proud Boys, and others. Who would have ever thought that our nation’s Capitol would be attacked or, maybe worse, that some would try to justify one of the worst days in US history? Is this really the America we all want?

Meanwhile, Will Bunch offers a theory as to the underlying cause; follow the link for his complete essay:

The antisemiti, the homophobia, the violence … this isn’t the American right flexing its muscles out of strength. Quite the opposite. The forces of 400 years of white supremacy culture are like a wounded bear right now — lashing out, and extremely dangerous because its proponents know they are a seriously endangered species.


Cored Values 0

Michael in Norfolk notes that Republicans, particularly evangelical they-call-themselves Christians have redefined “freedom of religion” to “freedom to religion.” A nugget from his article:

For many years now, the Christofascists and their puppets within the Republican Party have defined “religious freedom” to be an unfettered ability to inflict one set of religious beliefs on all of society . . . .

(Broken link fixed.)


“Look in the Mirror, Boy” 0

A reader of the Portland Press Herald channels Pogo in her letter to the editor.

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Devolution 0

Methinks my old Philly friend Noz is on to something that is indeed rather disquieting.