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Borderline Disorder: Cruelty by Design 0

E. J. Dionne highlights the hypocrisy. A snippet:

Now, the party of family values is caught up in the forcible separation of children from their parents. Members of the GOP, including House Speaker Paul Ryan, try to rationalize the spectacle of kids torn away from their moms and dads at the border by blaming court decisions or (in Trump’s case) Democrats.

Thus do Republicans compound their inhumanity with a lie. The only reason this is happening is because of Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ decision to incarcerate those who enter the country illegally and to take their young children away on the that’ll-teach-’em theory.

Sessions has spoken of this thuggishness with pride. . . .

“If you don’t want your child separated,” he said last month, “then don’t bring them across the border illegally.”

This is cruelty by design.


Ifs, Ands, and Buttheads 0

Jeremy Sherman offers a list of 15 “qualities of buttheads.” Check it out and see whether it reminds you of anyone in the news. Here’s three of them (emphasis in the original):

Feigned invincibility: I win always. I’ve got the truth and nothing can stop me from imposing it. Not even reality.

Reality is my slave: Since I’m the most realistic, I’ve earned the power to control reality. What I say is true is true. I can make it true through my absolute confidence.

Uber-umpmanship: In debate, I’m not only the final judge of all reality but of what’s admissible in debate. I’m the umpire in every debate I enter, and I’ll always rule in my favor. What you do is unfair. What I do is not only fair but righteous.


“Compassionate Conservatism” Has Always Been an Oxymoron 0

Donald Trump just makes it more obvious.

Donald Trump on television saying,

Via Juanita Jean.


The ICE Cap 0

Putting a cap on the conversation.

As James Schwab gave his first televised news interview Wednesday on why he abruptly resigned as an ICE spokesman, there was a loud knock on the door.

Two men dressed in suits arrived on his San Jose front door step and identified themselves as agents from the Department of Homeland Security Inspector General’s Office. During the surprise visit, the pair began asking him questions about whether he tipped off Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement raid in late February, according to a report by CBS News, who was in Schwab’s home at the time. (Schwab vehemently denies doing so–ed.)


Schwab said he felt like the visit — more than three months after he resigned in protest of what he called lies from the Trump administration and ICE — was to intimidate him and he was “completely shocked.”


“An Armed Society Is a Polite Society” 0

Practice random acts of politeness.

A bullet from a gun that discharged accidentally inside a home in Bryan passed through a wall and struck a passing driver Friday afternoon, leaving the 71-year-old man seriously injured.

The story goes on to say that the gun was being cleaned when it “accidentally” discharged. It left out the part about being too stupid to make sure the gun was unloaded while cle–never mind.


Light bloggery today. I need a bit of a break. Watching a state fail is exhausting.

Plus, lightning took out one of my computers earlier this week, and the replacement arrived last night. I have a new toy.



Ma Jian:

When history is erased, people’s moral values are also erased.


Facebook Frolics 0

Patent pending.


If One Standard Is Good, Two Must Better 0

Thom discusses out how the reasoning the Supreme Court used in allowing a baker to discriminate against gay couples directly contradicts the reasoning it used to uphold Donald Trump’s travel ban.


Real Big Man 0

Title:  Strong Man.  Image:  Donald Trump as strong man lifting barbells.  The

Via Job’s Anger.


“The Face of the Nation” 0

Shorter Frank Harris, III: It’s not a pretty face.


Dining on Democracy 0

Republican Elephant eathing

Click for the original image.


It Doesn’t Mean What You Think It Means 0

Mark Godwin, the author of “Godwin’s Law,” explains that it does not mean that you can’t (or shouldn’t) call someone a “Nazi” if, indeed, he or she is acting, well, like an actual “Nazi.”



Robert Young (as Mark Brandon in The Valley of the Kings):

I’ve never seen it fail with self-centered people: they always have some sort of noble excuse for themselves.


Meta: Privacy Policy 0

To comply with GDPR (EU) regulations, I’ve posted a privacy policy. (That’s also why you get a cookie notice when you hit this site.)

The short version is this: I respect your privacy.

I value my own privacy, therefore I respect yours.


And Now for a Brief Respite 0



DIY External Hard Drive Rack 2

Earlier this week, a freak lightning incident took out my 23-inch Lenovo graphics tablet, along with my printer, a KVM switch, and two mini-boxes from my cable company. The Lenova was a fine machine and I will miss it, but it was also eight years old; I half-way expected it to die soon of natural causes, but I did not anticipate that it would be assassinated.

Oddly enough, the other computer attached to the KVM switch seems to be fine.

Over the years, a rat’s nest of wires, external drives, and hubs had built up behind the Lenovo and I decided this would be a good time to clean up the mess. Because I’m chea–er–frugal, I did on the chea–er–frugal.

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Bigly 0

Jill Lawrence suggests that Donald Trump is an “overachiever.” A snippet:

The ethics abuses and conflicts of interest in his administration are unprecedented. The Russia investigation, with Trump’s accompanying attacks on the news media and the Justice Department, is far more serious than Watergate. And the border orphans crisis is not Trump’s “Katrina moment.” It’s much worse . . . .


Failed State 0

Shorter Kos: Experiments fail, even noble ones.

I am not sanguine.


The “Civility” Shibboleth 0

Will Bunch.