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A Picture Is Worth 0

Large cat wearing the nametag

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Non-Sequitur 0

I’ve been watching a British show called Boon from the closing years of the last century. (It’s a off-beat situation comedy/drama/oddball mystery show that’s quite amusing.)

The lead character rides a BSA motorcycle. BSA’s were popular in the States back when I was a young ‘un. On a whim, I went looking to find out what BSA stands for. The answer was mildly surprising.

The “BSA” acronym has nothing whatsoever to do with motorized transport.

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Alley-Oops 0

Michigan man is bowled over


Squatter-in-Chief 0

Apparently, because Mar-a-Lago is legally a “club,” it cannot also be a permanent residence.

Next-door neighbors of Mar-a-Lago, President Trump’s private club in Palm Beach, Fla., that he has called his Winter White House, have a message for the outgoing commander in chief: We don’t want you to be our neighbor.

The story goes on to report that there is history of friction between Mar-a-Lago and its neighbors. Follow the link for details.


Snipeasies 0

A writer at my local rag muses about seeking a haircut in these viral times.

Me, I’ll be wearing a ponytail soon.


A Christmas Carol 0

Joe Patrice parses a Christmas carol (no, not that Christmas carol) so as to render it comprehensible to practitioners of the legal profession.


‘Tis the Season 0

The Tampa Bay Times’s John Romano offers some updated Christmas carols with a Flori-duh spin.


Textual Analysis 0

Rat:  I was at a red light on the way over here and the guy behind me was honking like crazy because I didn't accelerate fast enough when the light turned green.  Goat:  Don't you hate people like that?  People are just so impatient now.  Rat:  Yeah, I mean, can't a guy text in peace anymore?  Goat:  You failed to mention that.  Rat:  Took six minutes to find the right emoji.

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Hat Tricked 0


Snow Daze 0

I once had a training class with out-of-town trainees staying in a nearby hotel; one of them told me this story at lunch.

It had snowed heavily over night, though nothing like what we got last week, maybe five or six inches, so the highway department had been able to keep the roads passable. This trainee was deputized to drive the carpool of the rest of the visitors from the hotel to the training site, since, being from Chicago, he “would know how to drive in the snow.”

He’s driving carefully along when one of his passengers asks, “Why are you going so slow?”

He replied, trying not to let his exasperation show, “Because that’s how you drive in the snow.”


It’s Amazonian! 0

Michelle Robertson investigates the strange case of the gargantuan gift boxes.


Cheese It! The Cops! 0

Content moved below the fold because it was making the front page weird. It’s just too cute for words. Also, it worked when I previewed it.

If the video doesn’t appear, follow the link at the bottom of the page.

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Bee Sting 0

It’s a honey of a tale. A nugget:

A Montana beekeeper has recovered hives that were stolen from him in California, thanks to an agricultural sting operation.

Lloyd Cunniff of Choteau reported 488 hives stolen in January, after he had transported them to California for the almond pollination season.


And Now for Something Completely Different 0


The hold music from my hosting provider, which I seldom had to listen to for more than three or four minutes, included “Down by the Riverside.”

When I heard it, all I could think of was

When you go to the delicatessen store,
don’t buy the liverwurst!

Speaking of liverwurst, one of my favorite sandwiches is liverwurst with onions and mustard on a kaiser roll. I used to get them at my local Wawa in Delaware.

You can’t get one at Wawa in these parts. As a native Virginian, I am disappointed that Virginians don’t seem to understand sandwiches.

Nevertheless, I do know where to get a proper cheesesteak.


You Get What You Vote For* (subtitles) 0

Spain’s comedian, yclept** “Giggles,” on Brexit:

Via The Local.


*Remember that come November, dammit.

**Hehe. I used “yclept” in a blog post.


Call of the Dialed 0

Rat and Goat on couch when phone rings.  Goat says,


Some Swinging Music 0


Star Wars: TNG 0

The Millenial Falcon.  Spaceship with crew chatting,

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Phoning It In 0

Robin Root explains the dial phone to her nephew.


Word Salad 0

Oh, my. Scrabble gets pwned.