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The Wing Bowl 1

One of the great odd events in Philadelphia is the Wing Bowl. Sponsored by a local radio station, it takes place the morning of Super Bowl Sunday. It’s an eating contest on the Professional Eating Circuit to see who can eat the most Buffalo Wings.

Philadelphia Will Do reports that the El Wingador, the champion of the Wing Bowl, well be performing tomorrow:

Find a way out of work tomorrow morning. Find a way to the Great Northeast. Find a camera and take some God damn pictures, because tomorrow morning the Philadelphia Prison System will be kickin’ it old school with Bill “El Wingador” Simmons and (get this!) Prisons Commissioner Leon A. King and Director of Community Justice and Outreach Wilfredo Rojas!

Right now, the nemesis of Professional Eaters is Sonja Thomas, the Black Widow of the eating circuit. Most professional eaters are, to quote a radio announcer I heard the other day, fat white men. Sonja Thomas is a 98 pound lady who won the Wing Bowl in 2005 and just missed beating El Wingador at last year’s Wing Bowl. I’m betting on her for next year.

Only in America.


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