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Patrick Fitzgerald and Kenneth Starr 2

What a contrast.

Cast your mind back to Ken Starr. His investigation leaked like a bad roof.

Compare him with Patrick Fitzgerald, who has conducted himself as a person of integrity and a dedicated prosecutor. Why is the blogosphere and the regular press full of speculation? Because nothing is leaking. No one has a clue what he is contemplating.

This is consistent with his record. He is a prosecutor, not a politician, and certainly not the tool of politicians.

He has comported himself with complete rectitude. Any attempts on the part of the current Federal Administration to accuse him of being another Ken Starr are, I think, doomed to fail. (via Suburban Guerrilla)

Comparing Fitzgerald and Starr does nothing so much as show Starr up as the political hack he was.

But it will be amusing to watch the current Federal Administration attempt to use once more their favorite tool against Mr. Fitzgerald: not facts, not truth, not honesty, but character assassination.



  1. Midas

    October 27, 2005 at 4:46 pm

    Actually, the story didn’t get it quite right. “It’s when those slimeballs did something, there should be an investigation. When *our* virtuous people a ppear in the wrong, it is simply a misunderstanding.”

    Yes, this investigation is being run much better than Starr’s, but then a Grand Jury investigation doesn’t have the mandate to simply investigate the White House until all possible rumors are either proven or discarded.

    I do have a problem with the basis of the whole media circus though.

    ” Listen! Wilson’s wife is CIA! Print that! He’ll never be able to show his face in DC again!”

    Could someone explain how this “discredits” him?


  2. Frank

    October 27, 2005 at 6:30 pm

    Apparently, they were trying to show that he got the job through nepotism.

    Remember, this is a Federal Administration that, when it does not have facts on its side, assassinates character. My guess is that they were hoping that the character assassination would drown out the facts.

    Oh, yeah, and thanks for dropping by.