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A New Political Tactic: Sue the SOB’s. 0

Just up the road in Philadelphia, beleagured politicians are exploring a new way of dealing with their critics:

Vernon Anastasio does not dispute that he has said some harsh and unkind things about Councilman Frank DiCicco and his son, Christian.

When he labeled the councilman mentally ill last year, Anastasio insists, he was merely expressing an opinion and engaging in free speech. Same again when he accused DiCicco’s son of a conflict of interest in a business-development project.

The DiCiccos do not see those remarks as the exercise of free speech. They see them as defamation.

And they are suing Anastasio, a fellow Democrat and a political opponent of DiCicco in South Philadelphia, in two defamation lawsuits in Common Pleas Court.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. If they win, perhaps it will be possible, when a member of the current Federal Administration accuses a poliltical opponent of treason for having the effrontery to question the policies of the current Administration, for said opponent to sue the SOB Spokesman of Bushies.


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