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Walmart Knows How To Deal with Shoplifters 0

Courtesy the Huffington Post. After being caught out on an attempt to shoplift by changing price stickers, Stacy Clay Driver fled and was pursued by a Walmart Loss Prevention employee:

When confronted, Driver ran into the parking lot, pursued by a loss-prevention employee. According to the suit, the employee wrestled Driver to the ground. Other Wal-Mart employees assisted in subduing Driver as he struggled to get up.

On Nov. 4, the medical examiner ruled Driver’s death was caused primarily by asphyxia because of neck and chest compression while a secondary cause was hyperthermia with methamphetamine toxicity.

If you talk with a policeman, he will inform you that there is a very precise legal definition of what constitutes “restraint” of a suspect. Asphyxiation is not part of that definition.

Mr. Clay’s survivors are reportedly seeking legal redress.

Whether or not they deserve redress is another issue. Somehow, it doesn’t seem right to me that his estate should benefit from his being caught out in wrong-doing, however improperly he might have been treated, but I haven’t thought that through yet.


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