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Whither GOOGLE? 1

David Vise, writing in today’s Washington Post, thinks there is more than just a colorful search engine there:

Google’s colorful childlike logo, its whimsical appeal and its lightning-fast search results have made it the darling of information-hungry Internet users. Google has accomplished something rare in the hard-charging, mouse-eat-mouse environment that defines the high-tech world — it has made itself charming. We like Google. We giggle at the “Google doodles,” the playful decorations on its logo that appear on holidays or other special occasions. We eagerly sample the new online toys that Google rolls out every few months.

But these friendly features belie Google’s disdain for the status quo and its voracious appetite for aggressively pursuing initiatives to bring about radical change. Google is testing the boundaries in so many ways, and so purposefully, it’s likely to wind up at the center of a variety of legal battles with landmark significance.

The article is well worth a read.


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  1. Opie

    November 13, 2005 at 11:05 pm

    It’s a great article, but the detail that leaves me most stunned is one that isn’t even a main point:

    The employees of Google are so totally taken care of that they do not even need to use toilet paper on the job.

    Think about that. Say it to yourself aloud. It’s downright surreal.

    Beyond that, yes, it’s a mind-boggling situation. I wonder if Google will become a modern-day Tower of Babel.