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Problems Viewing this Blog in Internet Explorer 0

Internet Explorer doesn’t like me.

That’s okay. I don’t like it. (See Note.)

But it’s sabotaging this blog.

Three persons have now reported that, when they have tried to post a comment from IE, there is code in the “Comments” field and no “Submit” button, so, even if they delete the code from their view, they can’t post a comment.

I checked it out with the sole copy of IE remaining in this house. What’s happening is that IE is displaying the contents of one of the *.php files that govern the behavior of this site and displaying it in the “Comments” field.

The blog works fine in Opera, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, Konqueror, and Galeon.

While I try to track down the problem, the best suggestion I have is to get Opera. Heck, I suggest that anyone get Opera anyway. It’s easily the best.

I’m also going to post this under “Other Stuff.”

Note: IE is notoriously non-standards compliant. This was actually a marketing technique on the part of Micro$oft. They would write non-standards-compliant stuff, then hope the web-designers would write stuff that worked in IE and therefore would not work in other browsers, cementing their hold on the market.


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