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Unix Tree Rocks 1

I was always a fan of the (now defunct) Xtree file management utility for DOS.

In the world of 32-bit Windows, it was reborn as ZTree, a full-featured 32-bit native Windows app with a strictly text interface. ZTree was about 700 kb in size and was wonderfully fast for managing files. It was the only program I put in my Windows “Startup” folder.

So I entered “xtree linux” in Google this morning and found Unix Tree on the first hit.

Unix Tree directory view

Note: It seems to work best when started from the command line, as opposed to being started from the KDE menu.


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  1. Opie

    December 11, 2005 at 3:53 pm

    Holy cow, I’d forgotten all about Xtree. Totally and completely. Remembering it makes me realize I am older than I think. Xtree reminds me of my ham radio days when I ran VHF packet radio, and spent $6 an hour to chat on Compuserve. Gosh, it seems like that all happened in a previous century.

    Wait… it did…