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Intelligent Design, Creationism, and Truth 0

My two or three regular readers know I have strong feelings on Intelligent Des Creationism.

The local rag had an interesting story today on String Theory, which some Creationists are attempting to characterize as an issue of faith, rather than of science.

The theory of intelligent design is not only not falsifiable; there is simply no way to test it. But that is not the main reason it is not science. The main reason is, that ID does not actually explain anything. When we ask, “Why is the world the way it is?” it answers, “Because it was designed that way.” The world is the way it is because it is that way. That might be the furthest from a useful, satisfactory explanation you can get.

String theory has problems, too. But while intelligent design is untestable in principle, string theory is just really hard. It is quite possible some clever scientist will devise a way to test it. Physicists have some ideas, but it is not going to be easy. In his new book The Cosmic Landscape: String Theory and the Illusion of Intelligent Design, string theory’s inventor Leonard Susskind writes: “To divine the fundamental laws of nature that govern a world 16 orders of magnitude smaller than any microscope will ever see is a very tall order. It will take not only cleverness and perseverance, but it will also require tremendous quantities of chutzpah.”

Coincidently, in a post on Hullabaloo, the poster tristero takes on Creationism and other pseudo phony sciences. The tone of the post if someone more aggressive and derisive than I like, but the research and reasoning are solid.


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