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The Price of Lies, III 0

You can tell they are on the ropes when they start trying to shoot the messenger, but Dick Polman’s not having any of it:

As conditions in Iraq continue to deteriorate, and as President Bush’s popularity at home continues to wane, administration leaders and their conservative followers have been busy honing a provocative message:

It’s the media’s fault.


But these attacks are proof that the war itself is going badly; there would be no need to point fingers if it were going well. And many nonpartisan observers dismiss the conservatives’ media-bashing as an attempt to pin blame to the wrong people – while exonerating Bush . . . .

Nobody is making up the bad news. It’s lying all around.

The current Federal Administration seems to think that, if they repeat something often enough, however outrageous it might be, persons will believe it, and them. And they sure as heck got away with it long enough.

It looks like they’ve come to the end of that rope.

Let us hope that they have, so the country can get back to truth-based policy-making.


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