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Given that I spend a good part of my life in Philadelphia International Airport (so much so that I can just about tell you which restaurants are in which terminal), this news story did not bring me joy.

Philadelphia International Airport regularly has the worst on-time performance of any large U.S. airport.

Now, I don’t badmouth PHL the way a lot of my fellow locals do. I’ve been in a lot of airports, and Philly is by no means the worst, when viewed simply between the entrance and the jetways (I nominate Detroit and Dallas for that competition).

Yeah, it’s hard to drive through, but any airport is hard to drive through if you haven’t been there before. (And the signs are certainly far superior to San Jose, where last I boarded a plane.)

You’ve got the normal citizens, who get there occasionally, tentatively looking for their terminals while surrounded by the hoards of limosine, van, and shuttle drivers, who know exactly where they are going and cut-off and abuse the normal citizens mercilessly–that’s the same from Philly to Washington National to Fargo.

Once you get inside, it’s not a bad place to kill an extra hour or two if your plane is late. Indeed, breakfast at Lamberti’s would be a bargain in or out of an airport.

Last night, I booked my next trip. I hope Philly has a good day on my departure day.


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