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My Little Gas Price Survey, 5/11/2006 0

It’s been almost five weeks since I last sampled gas prices. In that period, I’ve spent lots of time on airplanes and in the classroom and just haven’t had the energy to sample prices. Heck, for a couple of weeks there, I didn’t have the energy to blog.

But I finally took the sample in my little corner of the world, and this is what I found yesterday:

Way up since early April, about half a dollar. Highest price observed: $3.03 in Delaware (at a Gulf station that is usually among the lower-priced stations); lowest, $2.83 at two stations in New Jersey, one of which was a Gulf Station. Gulf seems to be burning the candle at both ends.

The wierd thing I saw was that prices in Delaware and in area of New Jersey where I now work were about the same, but prices in the portion of Gloucester County, NJ, that I traverse on the way to my new office were 13 cents higher than prices on either end of my drive.

New Jersey taxes gas at $.145 per gallon; Delaware, at $.23 per gallon, which pretty much accounts for the typical difference between Jersey and Delaware prices–but this week, Jersey and Delaware prices have been about the same, meaning the stations (or, more likely, the wholesalers) in Jersey are racking in an extra 10 or 11 cents per gallon.

Runnemede, NJ, Gulf, $2.83; Wawa, $2.87.

Bellmawr, NJ, Power Plus, $2.89 (up from 2.83 on Wednesday); Citgo, $2.83; XTra, $.2.84; Texaco and Valero, $2.85.

Woodbury Lukoil, $2.85.

Gibbstown, NJ, Valero, $2.96.

Paulsboro, NJ, Lukoil, $2.87; Exxon (TA Truck Stop), $2.88; BP, $2.89.

Claymont, Del., Exxon, $2.99; Sunoco, $2.87; Getty and Gulf, $2.87; BP, $2.89; Gulf (Cumberland Farms), $3.02; Wawa, $2.85.

Holly Oak, Del, Mobil, $2.87.


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