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On the Media, which aired today in the Greater Philadelphia Co-Prosperity Sphere, included an interview with .J. Goldberg, editor of the Jewish newspaper The Forward. He discussed U. S. media coverage of the Middle East. Here’s the website’s description of the show:

Whenever news media turn their attention to the Middle East, accusations of bias – from all sides – are sure to follow. This week was no exception. But the story’s a little different than it’s been in the past, and bias aside, American media haven’t quite adjusted to the new realities. That’s the view of J.J. Goldberg, editor of the Jewish newspaper The Forward. He tells Brooke that journalists’ attempts at “scrupulous balance” come at the expense of accuracy.

In the midst of his comments, he stated that left-leaning blogs have been relatively silent regarding the Lebanon-Israel situation.

Not the blogs I’ve seen! I won’t even bother to post any links. Start on my sidebar with the Huffington Post and just go from there.

But I have been silent about it.

Now, I am not a political blogger; I’m a blogger who has politics. I do not do this for political ends; I do it because I like making computers work and I like shooting off my mouth. And I am not afraid to express my opinions.

Nevertheless, I have avoided discussing what’s going on in Lebanon. I am so distressed and appalled at the events there I just do not want to think about them, let alone form opinions. I go to Professor Cole’s site every other day or so, but can’t finish reading the reports of death, destruction, and mayhem.

I fear the opinions I would form, for none of them fill me with optimism.

But it is further evidence that the current Federal Administration’s vision of a Pax Americana enforced with U. S. arms is, at the most charitable interpretation, a fantasy and, at worst (and I happen to believe the worst here), a duplicitous hoax upon the American people and the world.

God help us all.

Update, 7/30/2006: A transcript of the interview is here.


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