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Ralph Reed, Rector 2

In Georgia:

Former Christian Coalition leader Ralph Reed, whose campaign for Georgia lieutenant governor has been clouded by questions over his ties to disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff, is promoting himself as the candidate with “stronger values.”

His opponent, state Sen. Casey Cagle, has responded by calling Reed’s campaign ads the “height of hypocrisy” and questioning publicly whether Reed could be charged with wrongdoing during the run-up to the November general election.

Hey, Ralph! One comment:

Mark 11:15.



  1. Opie

    July 11, 2006 at 11:06 pm

    I’ve noticed whenever you quote the Bible it’s always the King James Version. Are you some kind of fundamentalist?

  2. Frank

    July 12, 2006 at 8:23 pm

    I am reminded of the story of the pastor who was asked what he thought of the King James, as opposed to more recent translations.

    He thought a moment and said, “It’s like my wife. I think it’s beautiful, but I don’t always understand it.”

    You ask a good question. I quote the Authorized Version because I have a bookmark that links to it, and the target has a great search engine, and it’s the version I know best.

    My favorite version and the one I have read through five times is the Jerusalem Bible. Of all the modern translations, it best combines accuracy of translation with poetry of language. (Pastor Shane agrees with me in this opinion, by the way.)

    I’m currently slowly plowing my way through the Zondervan Large Print (I’m getting old) KJV Study Bible. In two and a half years, I’ve made it up to Matthew.

    Remember, Opie, I was raised Baptist. Baptists read the Bible, as opposed to reading about the Bible.

    True Baptists are also suspicious of anyone who wraps him- or herself in the Bible–If you got to proclaim it, you ain’t living it. If you are living it, you don’t got to proclaim it.

    I would go farther and say that, in my opinion, true Americans should be suspicious of anyone who wraps him- or herself in the flag, for the same reason.

    And someone who tries to wrap him- or herself in the Bible and the flag at the same time? Duh! The hypocrite alarms sound loud and long.