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“Commanders on the Ground” 0

The Current Federal Administrator said it again today:

Commanders on the ground.”

And with every utterance of that phrase, he sinks deeper into sophistry and deception.

(As if that could be possible.)

The Current Federal Administrator claims that his hands are tied by what the “Commanders on the Ground” say or do not say.

No move can be made without permission of the “Commanders on the Ground.”

The Commander-in-Chief is hostage to a flock of generals and colonels, simple because they are “on the Ground.”

What he fails to mention, of course, is that he put them on the blinking ground to begin with.

What a marvelous technique for avoiding responsibility for one’s actions.

Jeez, next time (I hope there’s not a next time) I get pulled for speeding, maybe I can say that the “Commanders on the Ground” failed to inform me that what I was doing was wrong.


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