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Really Reilly Rivera 0

Earlier, I referred to the dispute between Geraldo Rivera (who used to be a good reporter–his Love Canal expose ranks with some of the finest reporting ever) and Bill O’Reilly (hoick! ptui!).

Here’s what one of the columnists (not the editors) at the Virginian-Pilot (the newspaper I grew up with and the one that serves the area in which the crash that sent Rivera and O’Reilly reeling happened) has to say.

Note: I snipped a dissenting view from an elected official from the quotation below for the sake of continuity, because the quotation referred to an earlier part of the column which I chose not to quote, but it’s all there if you follow the link. Or even if you don’t:

I’ve got to hand it to O’Reilly. He made Geraldo Rivera sound like a sage.

“Cool your jets,” Rivera told O’Reilly when they discussed the case Thursday on television. “It has nothing to do with illegal aliens. It has to do with drunk driving.”


We could use a rocket to launch illegal immigrants out of America and we’d still have drunks on our roads.

Maybe the next stretch of fence we finance should be between bars and cars.


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