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Bedtime for Gonzo (Updated) 0

There’s an old story about the rich alumnus who is touring his alma mater in the company of the college president, who is trolling for an endowment. At one point the alumnus expresses a desire to see his old dorm room.

The prez and the alum walk into the room, admitted by a very flustered student.

“Ah,” he says, “the same old room.”

Then he opens the door of the closet. There’s a girl hiding behind the clothes.

“Oh my,” he says, “the same old girl.”

“She’s my s-s-s-sister, sir,” stutters the student.

“Ahhhh,” says the alumnus, “and the same old lie.”

I’ve been just too disgusted to say anything about Gonzo.

I guess I’ve got Bush Fatigue.

It’s just the same old lie.

Addendum, 7/29/2007:

Dick Polman analyzes the debacle (emphasis added):

But perhaps Gonzales said it best in his latest testimony. When asked whether he thinks it was appropriate to importune Ashcroft, he replied: “There are no rules governing whether or not General Ashcroft can decide ‘I’m feeling well enough to make this decision.’”

Question: Even when the guy is under sedation?

Gonzales: “There are no rules.”

There are no rules…That’s the Bush administration, in a nutshell. For once, Alberto Gonzales was telling the truth.


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