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I unexpectedly had to go to Harrisburg, Pa., this morning. My route, perfected after dozens of trips over 20 years, takes me up Del./Pa. 52, past Winterthur, to US 1, past Longwood Gardens, to Pa. 41.

Pa. 41 is a heavily traveled two-land road through horse and farm country. It’s much favored by truckers going from Delaware and points south to Harrisburg and points west because it avoids the congestion of the Greater Philadelphia Co-Prosperity Sphere.

Because of the heavy truck traffic, interspersed with tourists going to the Amish Country of Lancaster County (that’s LANK-as-ter, not LAN-CAS-ter; LAN-CAS-ter is in Cali.), farm equipment, speeding ADT trucks (I saw two of those, one in each direction), and the very occasional buggy (by and large, the Amish avoid 41), the incidence of impatient, aggressive driving, careless passing, and just plain old down home stupidity can be pretty high.

At one particularly dangerous hill near Atglen, Pa., I saw the sign.

Keep Two Dots Behind.

PenDOT has painted big white dots on the road to try to curtail tailgating.

As far I could see, it’s not working.


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