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Rats. Sinking Ship. You Know the Rest (Updated) (Updated Again) 1

We had sailed seven years
When the measles broke out
And the ship lost its way in the fog
And that whale of a crew
Was reduced down to two
Just myself and the Captain’s old dog
Then the ship struck a rock
Oh Lord! what a shock
The bulkhead was turned right over
Turned nine times around
And the poor old dog was drowned
And the last of The Irish Rover

Tom Toles

Addendum, Later That Same Evening:

Steve at ASZ.

John Cole at Balloon Juice.

Dick Polman, with eye-witness evidence.



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  1. Opie

    August 14, 2007 at 11:18 pm

    Umm… I am going to try to ask this tactfully… are you still clinging, in the wake of Rove’s departure, to your idea that Bush may not leave the White House at the end of his term?