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The Market Is in a Turmoil (Updated) 0

The Fat Cats are crying for help.

All that phony paper is not even good enough to paper a wall.

And I have just one question:

Why shouldn’t the persons behind this mortgage scam just be allowed to lose all their money?

It’s their scam, not mine.

Well, two questions.

Why the hell should we bail out the scam artists?

Oh, yeah. I remember now. No one is accountable if they have money.

It just the rest of us who have to pay.

Addendum, 8/11/07:

Third thought: Of course, these are the same folks who believe in unfettered capitalism as long as they are raping the polity making money, but are the first to come running to the Guv’mint to bail them out when they have to face the consequences of their own bad decisions.


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