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Extraordinary rendition.

Involved being rendered.

Like a horse into glue.

Follow the link for the facts.

1. Rendition is something the Bush administration cooked up.

Nope. George W. Bush was still struggling to coax oil out of the ground when the United States “rendered to justice” its first suspect from abroad. In 1987, President Ronald Reagan authorized an operation that lured Lebanese hijacker Fawaz Younis to a boat off the coast of Cyprus . . . .

Beginning in 1995, the Clinton administration turned up the speed with a full-fledged program to use rendition to disrupt terrorist plotting abroad. According to former director of central intelligence George J. Tenet, about 70 renditions were carried out before Sept. 11, 2001, most of them during the Clinton years.

2. People who are “rendered” inevitably end up in a foreign slammer — or worse.

Actually, that’s not a foregone conclusion.


3. Step one of a rendition involves kidnapping the suspect.

The individual may feel as though he’s being kidnapped, but that’s not usually what’s going on.


4. Rendition is just a euphemism for outsourcing torture.

Well, not historically.


Now, though, the Bush team seems to have dramatically eroded such safeguards (torture is their pornography–ed.).


5. Pretty much anyone — including U.S. citizens and green card holders — can be rendered these days.

Not so, . . . .


In fairness, though, the ghastly case of Maher Arar — a Syrian-born Canadian citizen who convincingly says he was detained at New York’s JFK Airport, handed off to Syria and tortured — is way too close for comfort.

Proud of your government now?


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