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Adventures in Podcasts: Hilary Clinton Addition 0

One of my favorite radio shows is Radio Times. Each topic gets a full hour and Mary Moss Coane is a skilled interviewer.

She interviewed Carl Bernstein recently regarding his new book about Hilary Clinton. I listened to the show on my way to the cooling tower place via podcast.

It was a fascinating discussion. Given the current political race, I would recommend a listen to the interview.

But even Mary Moss Coane couldn’t control Carl Bernstein. I would have to say that, like, you know, how can I say it, he ran the interview.

For facts, it was fascinating. For anyone who has ever tried to control a conversation (like us ex-tech support types), it was a hoot.

I recommend it on both levels. Go to the website, select “browse archives,” and navigate to the October 30, 2007, show or listen here (Real Audio).

(All joking aside, it was a very interesting interview. Give it a listen.)


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